Female cosplayer bends the elements as Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Aang

Brent Koepp
Instagram: @scarymchairyart / Nickelodeon

A talented cosplayer shared her take on Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender protagonist Aang which is sure to wow fans as she bends the elements around her. 

The Last Airbender debuted on Nickelodeon back in 2005, and quickly became a cultural phenomena as viewers connected with the show’s story about a monk named Aang who can bend the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

A skilled female cosplayer shared her mindblowing costume of the animation’s protagonist, and proved exactly why the character is so important in the show.

The show’s protagonist is a kid monk named Aang that bends air.

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Cosplayer bends the elements as Aang

The show centers around a child named Aang who is born as the Avatar, and is on a journey to master the four elements, so that he can bring balance to the world.

Cosplayer Maisie ‘scarymchairyart‘ Carter showed off her jaw dropping Last Airbender costume, transforming into the Avatar with an incredibly accurate portrayal of the series protagonist, even down to the iconic blue arrow tattoo on his forehead.

Not only did she perfectly capture the air nomad’s traditional red and yellow monk outfit, she took her cosplay to the next level by creating the illusion of airbending with the use of a white ribbon she whipped around.

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In the first season of the show, Aang is focused on mastering his water-bending skills, and sets out across the world to reach the Northern Water Tribe to find a teacher.

As if her cosplay wasn’t incredible enough, Maisie also has a different colored ribbon that is white and blue so that when it’s twirled, it looks just like water-bending from the show.

The amount of detail that went into this cosplay is stunning, as the talented artist even manages to strike Aang’s bending poses to go along with each element that she is representing, making this one of the best we’ve seen of the character.

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While Avatar ended in 2008 after just three seasons, Netflix announced in 2019 that they will be bringing the show back in 2020 to their streaming service in the form of a live action remake.

And to celebrate the groundbreaking animation’s 15th anniversary, Nickelodeon is re-releasing the entire series on Blu Ray in a collectors steelbook, giving fans a lot to look forward to this year.