Explosive Jinx cosplay blows away League of Legends fans

. 2 years ago
Instagram: @carry.key / Riot Games

Cosplayer Carry Key stunned fans with a mind-blowing take on League of Legends’ mischievous wildcard Jinx. 

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and features over 140 unique playable characters.

As such, it has become a hotspot for cosplayers, giving them a ton of choice for their outfits that suits just about every occasion and mood. Many cosplayers have amazed LoL fans with their takes on fan-favorite Champions, and Jinx fans are in for a treat thanks to Carry Key.

Riot Games
Jinx is a fan-favorite League of Legends Champion.

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The Belarusian cosplayer definitely did Jinx justice with her take on the loose cannon as just about every detail was spot on. Even Jinx’s favorite rocket launcher (named Fishbones) made a welcome appearance.

Carry managed to get everything right, from the Champions’ iconic long blue pigtails to her collection of tattoos and bullet lined clothing. The little details were perfectly done as well, such as the mismatching pair of tights and easily missed double belt.

The clothing was also identical to Jinx’s, featuring a once-again mismatched top, her pink shorts, as well as the unexpectedly big black boots.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jinx cosplay without actually embracing the spirit of the character, and Kay has definitely done that by not matching her makeup with the iconic pink eyeshadow, but also putting on a cheeky, mischievous smile.

This was a great take on League of Legends’ Jinx and fans of the game, as well as cosplay in general, will definitely be looking forward to what Carry creates next.

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