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Epic Ciri cosplay is a mirror image of the Witcher 3 star

Published: 6/May/2020 1:02 Updated: 6/May/2020 14:26

by Alan Bernal


A work-in-progress cosplay is already proving to be one of the most picture-perfect Ciri designs to come out of the Witcher 3 community, and it’s pretty mesmerizing.

The quality of typical Witcher costumes come in the intricate clothing and the extra flair laced throughout designs – but that approach is hard to get just right in the case of Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, who is seen with a rather straightforward approach to her outfits.

As far as Witcher 3 goes, Ciri grew up to take after the White Wolf by wearing a simple tunic with leather bottoms. Missing are all of the chainwork, ornate layers, and other hallmarks of typical garb seen in Skellig.

CD Projekt Red
Ciri is a fierce character in the Witcher series, and her iconic looks makes her a favorite of cosplayers.

Thus, that means design creator ‘enjinight’ had to perfect the other facets of a good Ciri cosplay – namely, the hair and facial features that made the ‘Ugly one’ a standout in the Wild Hunt.

In this regard, the cosplay is far and away an impressive feat of detail, since there isn’t much separating the in-game character model from enjinight’s reimagining of her.

Admittedly, she said this was specifically a makeup test for a possible Ciri cosplay that would look a lot more complete later on – although the groundwork she’s already laid out for the approach as a whole is shaping up to culminate in something special, if she goes through with it.

A lone and experienced adventurer, Ciri can be regularly seen with the trademark disheveled ashen hair that typically denote Witchers from the rest of the crowd.

Seen with a Witcher medallion that is normally located around Geralt’s neck, enjinight’s green contacts mirror the character’s, along with the deep, dark makeup around her eyes that makes her emerald eyes pop.

Under her left eye is a massive scar that the young warrior obtained while on the run from the lands many hunters trying to track her down.

CD Projekt Red
Ciri’s iconic scar and white hair translate perfectly into the cosplay.

In a strange way, the scar brings the makeup test together, since it’s essentially the most noticeable aspect of the seemingly delicate features that Ciri has.

This is actually the second Witcher cosplay from enjinight, as she previously perfected Yennefer’s look too.

Though this was only a test run, the immaculate resemblance that enjinight shares with the Witcher 3 heroine is leaving fans to eagerly anticipate a more complete cosplay from her in the future.


World of Warcraft cosplayer goes viral as stunning Shandris Feathermoon

Published: 26/Oct/2020 7:09

by Isaac McIntyre


A World of Warcraft cosplayer has gone viral for her perfect Shandris cosplay, which has left the WoW fandom stunned. The talented model “wouldn’t look out of place in the next Warcraft movie,” she looks that much like the night elf!

With deep lore, a massive fantasy world brimming with colorful characters, and plenty of heroes and villains on both sides, World of Warcraft is one of the most popular franchises to cosplay in the costume-making community.

WoW cosplayers will often turn to the game’s most iconic characters, from sorceress Jaina Proudmoore to the treacherous Sylvanas Windrunner ⁠— who will be the main antagonist for Shadowlands ⁠— others choose their own favorites.

That’s exactly what Polish cosplayer Tsuki Iseki did with her Shandris cosplay.

Tsuki debuted her take on the Alliance night elf on Oct. 9, before posting it on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram at the end of the month. The outfit, which we have to admit is one of the best we’ve seen, was an instant hit with the WoW fandom.

Shandris is a strong Alliance night elf who fights for High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind.
Guillaume Martinet, Artstation
Shandris is a strong Alliance night elf who fights for High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind.

Tsuki’s cosplay captured Shandris Feathermoon perfectly; she wore the night elf warrior’s blue and gold armor, and thigh-high brown boots. There were green gems encrusted across the cosplay, and a quiver on Tsuki’s back in the photoshoot.

The Polish model added much of the detail in her face too. She donned a long blue wig, and put on two long elvish ears to part her locks. Finally, she added long eyebrows ⁠— iconic on a number of WoW elves ⁠— and put in yellow contacts to complete the look.

Tsuki also rubbed in shiny body spray, to “set her dyed skin aglow.”

There was one last thing she needed for her Shandris cosplay though. Feathermoon is never without her trusty bow, and Tsuki made sure she had an intricately carved one to wield while in the forest for her October photoshoot.


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The Shandris cosplay was certainly popular in the World of Warcraft fandom too; Tsuki’s post on /r/cosplay netted more than 3,000 upvotes and comments in just two days, while a separate post on /r/wow raked in just over 1,000 more.

“This one wasn’t as complicated as some of the others I’ve made, but I made sure to include lots of details!” Tsuki told Dexerto after posting the cosplay.

“My favorite part, as always, was painting and weathering all her fabrics.”

“I decided to create something of mine with a combination of Shandris’ old design from her World of Warcraft figurine and a model made by an artist called Daerone at DeviantArt,” she explained. “I have to say that I really like the outcome.”


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Tsuki admitted she chose Shandris for two reasons. One, she plays night elves in WoW. And two, she loves characters that aren’t as popular; especially Shandris: “I like her a lot. Her design, her lore… she’s just so cool for sure!”

This certainly isn’t Tsuki’s last time in Azeroth either. She’s already working on a Tyrande Whisperwind cosplay next, and wants to make an Onyxia outfit.

“I’m already putting together my design for Onyxia, which I want to debut at BlizzCon! At least, I’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I get to the final!”