Dying Light 2 cosplayer slays the Infected as bloodthirsty Lawan

. 5 months ago
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Instagram: shiva_abarai, Techland

Dying Light 2 lurks upon the horizon, and one cosplayer has suited up to slay the hordes with her fearsome recreation of Lawan. 

Techland’s zombie survival game, Dying Light 2, is set to reimagine the age-old conflict between the living and the undead in the spectacular world of The City.

In a world fraught with chaos and terror, only the strongest can survive, and among them is Nightrunner and close companion to the game’s protagonist, Lawan.

To celebrate the launch of the second installment in the franchise, Italian cosplayer Shiva has brought the character to life in a handmade outfit that is here to slay.

dying light 2 lawan
While we don’t know much about her, Lawan is renowned for her ferocity.

Dying Light 2 Lawan cosplay is perfection amid the chaos

Choosing to create her Lawan cosplay after she “discovered the cosplay contest held by Techland,” she notes “since the contest said to choose a character from Dying Light 2, there weren’t many options for a female character. Luckily I liked Lawan design.”

Earning her third place in the event, she notes “I made the costume all from scratch, the jacket was plain faux leather, and I sewed the squares to make it quilted. The bracer and belt are made of EVA foam that I made look like leather.

“I’m also very proud of the crossbow which I made of EVA foam, and some details I modelled and 3D printed.” It’s that particularly nasty-looking weapon that immediately catches your eye, as every little detail has been recreated to perfection.

Telling Dexerto “in general this costume wasn’t difficult,” she confesses “because of its simplicity I tried to reproduce all the details faithfully,” and she did just that. From head to toe you can see just how much effort has gone into this outfit. Everything beautifully mirrors her virtual counterpart.


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Of course, with Dying Light 2 just around the corner, Shiva’s excited to finally meet the woman that inspired this outfit. “After making the cosplay, I’m very curious to play Dying Light 2,” she notes, and it’ll be interesting to see where her journey through The City takes her.

We know one thing for sure, though: the Infected don’t stand a chance.

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