Dragon Ball Z cosplayer stuns fans with risqué Bulma outfit - Dexerto

Dragon Ball Z cosplayer stuns fans with risqué Bulma outfit

Published: 28/Jun/2019 23:24

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Cosplayers are some of the most talented people on the planet, and infamous costume artist Enji Night proved just that with her rather risqué take on Dragon Ball Z’s Bulma.

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We all watched Dragon Ball Z as kids, and wished that the DBZ universe would come to life. Cosplayer Enji Night has inched us closer to that reality with her stunning rendition of Bunny Bulma.

Bunny Bulma was first debuted in the anime in the 1986 episode ‘Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls’ in which Oolong makes her wear the outfit after she dirties her clothes.


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The cosplay…

Enji debuted her rendition on her Instagram page, where fans fell head over heels into nostalgic bliss at the sight of her outfit. She got the bunny ears and necktie down to a tee, and even included the wrist cuffs for added accuracy.

She even detailed the making process on her Instagram story, giving fans an exclusive insight into how she made her cosplay. She started off by interfacing leather and sewing them together, before adding in steel boning to reinforce and strengthen her outfit.

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Fans loved it

Enji’s outfit even made it onto the Dragon Ball Z subreddit, where dedicated fans were in awe of her costume. “Amazing! <3” one person commented. “Enji Night is the best.” another said, clearly a big supporter of the costume artist prior.


If your cosplay can make it all the way to Reddit and impress devoted fans with high expectations, you know you’ve done something right. 

RedditDBZ fans loved the Bunny Bulma cosplay.

Enji revealed that this is her third time making the cosplay – third time lucky, as they say. She certainly nailed it perfectly this time.