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Demon Slayer cosplayer stuns fans with perfect Tanjiro Kamado costume

Published: 11/Feb/2020 1:18

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplay artist blew the minds of Demon Slayer fans when he transformed into the show’s protagonist Tanjiro Kamado. He looks so much like the anime character, you will be seeing double.

Demon Slayer exploded into popularity in 2019, becoming one of the breakout properties to release that year. Fans worldwide were gripped by the show’s dark themes about a boy on a quest avenge his family after they had been brutally massacred.

A talented artist shared his insane recreation of the anime character on social media. The costume is so incredibly accurate, it’s as if the hero has jumped from the screen itself and burst into real life.

Demon Slayer was the breakout anime of 2019.

Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro brought to life

In the series’ plot, Tanjiro’s family is brutally killed by evil except his sister Nezuko, who survives but is cursed and turned into a demon herself. Promising to avenge his loved ones, the protagonist becomes a strong swordsman by joining the Demon Slayer Corps.

Cosplayer ‘lorentz_iwood‘ left jaws on the floor when he shared his outfit of the main character on his Instagram. His very faithful portrayal of Kamado went viral and has over 9.9k likes at the time of writing.

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Adding Tanjirou to my Katsucon line up for Friday! – – – The first time I wore this costume was for AX for about 1 hr for a @vizmedia challenge . The conditions were to build it under 24 hrs and under $100. Given those conditions, I slapped together a janky tanjirou hence i never "wore" him in 2019. So after all that time, I finally revisited him again and I'm so happy with the results?. – – – Wig bought off Amazon and styled by me Jacket bought off Amazon. Added new buttons, white collar trim and cuffs, and the Slayer Kanji on the back. Pants bought off aliexpress. Katana bought off Amazon, repainted and added the custome Tsuba. Earnings bought of amazon. Checkered coat sewn by yours truly.

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Fans were floored by how much he looks like the anime character, such as user ‘michaeljbowler’ who exclaimed, “You look like Tanjiro stepped out of the pages of the manga.” Another follower said, “Omg the look in your eyes looks like you aren’t letting any demons slide!”

Instagram: @michaeljbowler / @jwunders
Demon Slayer fans were blown away by the cosplay artist’s perfect recreation of the show’s protagonist.

Taking it a step further, Lorentz posted another shot of his cosplay next to a picture of the hero drawn by ‘melo9ba‘ to demonstrate how close he got to portraying the anime character. The similarities are absolutely uncanny.

He nailed the ruffled dark hairstyle of Tanjiro, while capturing his piercing red eyes. Posing with his katana over his shoulders, we see the amount of detail that went into creating the slayer’s green and black checkered kimono that drapes over him.

The cosplay artist also revealed the black outfit underneath his outerwear, making his costume the complete package. He got little intricate details down such as the anime hero’s signature hanafuda earrings which the character receives from his dad.

Demon Slayer originally made its debut as a manga in the iconic Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.  The 2016 story became a worldwide phenomena with its anime adaptation in 2019 by studio Ufotable.

A sequel film has been announced for 2020, so viewers looking to catch up in time can watch the first season in its entirety on Crunchyroll or Funimation.


My Hero Academia cosplayer looks truly villainous as fierce Himiko Toga

Published: 23/Nov/2020 17:52

by Georgina Smith


A skilled Instagram cosplayer has recreated one of My Hero Academia’s primary antagonists, Himiko Toga, in extraordinary detail, bringing her villain attire to life with their amazing look.

The anime My Hero Academia was released in 2016, and has since then scooped up an enormous fan base of people who adore the show’s perfect blend of action and interesting characters.

Each character has a super power called a ‘Quirk,’ and this ability  is unique to each person, and offers them a range of boosts and characteristics that help show off their individuality.

That goes for both protagonists and antagonists, and one of the primary villains, Himiko Toga, has ended up becoming somewhat of a fan-favorite for her sadistic personality with its own unique charms.

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia
Bones Animation
Himiko Toga is a dangerous villain in My Hero Academia, despite her innocent look.

When in her usual form, Toga sports a baggy school uniform look, which many cosplayers have done an extraordinary job of recreating. But the character’s villain uniform can be harder to pull off and maintain Toga’s confidence, with clunky machinery fixed around her neck.

But cosplayer layvendercos has done a fantastic job of donning the iconic Toga look, and certainly looks as though they could play the role in a live-action version of the show.


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Reminiscent of Toga’s school attire, this cosplayer wears knee length marl gray socks with some brown leather brogues, their legs dangling from their seat in one image as part of the character’s persona.

This is paired with a black skirt, and Toga’s token cream-colored jumper, which looks oversized as part of the original look, giving a slightly cute appearance.

However, this cute school look is directly contrasted with Toga’s villain attire. Thick canisters are hung from their neck, along with the classic black smile mask. Fastened to their legs and waist are green knife boxes, with one knife clasped firmly in their hand.


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Their blonde hair is styled to match Toga’s voluminous space buns, with chunky bangs falling either side of their face to frame it, and perfectly bringing the look together.

Layvendercos certainly did an incredible job as Himiko Toga, and will have their followers excited to see what may but up next for the cosplayer.