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Demon Slayer cosplayer enchants enemies as Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho

Published: 3/Aug/2020 23:14

by Brent Koepp


A Demon Slayer cosplayer went viral after sharing a true-to-life take on Shinobu Kocho. The artist’s insanely accurate portrayal of the Insect Pillar will be sure to leave fans in awe.

Demon Slayer was the breakout anime of 2019, pulling in millions of viewers across the world with its gripping narrative. The series centers on the Kamado twins as they embark on their quest to avenge their family who were killed by demons.

A talented cosplayer brought one of the show’s most popular characters Shinobu Kocho to life with her incredible costume. The artist looks so much like the enchanting heroine, it’s almost as if the Insect Pillar has sliced her way out of the screen.


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The 2019 anime has become a smash shit.

Demon Slayer cosplayer brings Shinobu to life

In the series, the world’s best swordsmen belong to the Demon Slayer Corps. The organization’s strongest fighters are called Pillars and Shinobu represents the Insect. The character can control her breath, and unleash an incredible power with her sword.

Cosplayer ‘tenevi_hagane‘ transformed into the heroine in June, and shared her jaw-dropping costume on Instagram. Photographer ‘bobrova_bo_olga‘ captured the artist posing as the Demon Slayer character as she unsheathed her prop katana.

Tenevi nailed Kocho’s iconic style, perfectly re-creating her signature black hair, which has parted purple bangs that frame her face. She also captured the character’s flowing white and black patterned kimono which drapes over her shoulders.


In another shot posted to social media, the artist showed off the incredible details that went into re-creating the look. In the show, Shinobu’s style is based on a butterfly, which she captured with her multi-colored eye-shadow.

Bringing the anime to life, Tenevi collaborated with cosplayer ‘katrin.umka‘ who portrayed fellow Demon Slayer Corps member Giyu Tomioka. The two artists sit back to back as butterflies swarm around them.

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"In this world, there is only one demon whose blood flowing in its veins has the power to turn humans into demons."– Muzan Kibutsuji . Shinobu Kochou @tenevi_hagane Giyuu Tomioka @katrin.umka Kimetsu no yaiba (Demon Slayers) ⠀ Edit by Photo and assistant @bobrova_bo_olga, @nadezhda_dushchenko #shinobukochou #shinobukochoucosplay #giyuutomioka #giyuutomiokacosplay⠀ #клинокрассекающийдемонов⠀ #клинокрассекающийдемоновкосплей #kimetsunoyaiba #kimetsunoyaibacosplay ⠀ #demonslayer #demonslayercosplay #russiancosplay⠀ #instacosplay #cosplay #cosplayfun #cosplaygirl #geekgirls #worldcosplay #cosplaylife #cosplaytest #cosplayofinstagram #鬼滅の刃 #冨岡義勇 #giyuu

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Demon Slayer originally made it’s 2016 debut as a manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. However its anime adaption three years later by studio Ufotable has made it a household name.


The show’s story continues in 2020 with the release of theatrical film Mugen Train. The movie will bridge the gap between season 1 and 2. For everything you need to know about the project, check out our guide here.