Death Note cosplayer brings Misa Amane back to life in perfect style

Published: 30/Dec/2020 14:34

by Daniel Megarry


A talented Death Note fan has brought Misa Amane back to life with her incredible cosplay of the fan-favorite character.

Death Note’s anime adaptation originally ran from 2006 to 2007, but it remains incredibly popular to this day, with many newcomers still discovering the critically-acclaimed story for the first time.

Based on the manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the show tells the story of Light Yagami, a young student who discovers a notebook that can kill anyone by writing their name in it. He attempts to rid the world of evil while evading the detective known as ‘L’.

Three Death Note characters in promo shot
Death Note remains popular despite originally airing in 2006.

Aside from the warring duo of Light and L, one of the most popular characters from the series is Misa Amane, a wannabe model who harbors not only an intense crush on Light, but a dark secret of her own as well.

Misa has been a staple of the cosplay scene for years, and it’s easy to see why; her look is instantly recognizable for fans of Death Note, and it takes inspiration from the popular Gothic Lolita style.

Misa Amane holds up a pointer finger in a still from Death Note.
Viz Media
Death Note’s Misa Amane has become an iconic character for casual fans and cosplayers alike.

One talented cosplayer who goes by pheonix-26 on Reddit has shared her own take on the iconic Death Note character, and it’s getting plenty of love from fans of the series and beyond.

She wears Misa’s signature lace gloves and black bodice, and accessorizes with a heavy choker and delicate chains with a cross pendant. Her makeup is spot-on, perfectly emulating the soft and wide-eyed look of the character.

The cosplay is completed with a single red apple, which is the original symbol of sin and a motif of the Death Note franchise that appears several times throughout the anime.

[self] Misa Amane cosplay from Death Note from cosplay

Fans of the show offered their praise for phoenix-26 on the Cosplay subreddit, with many complimenting her makeup skills and the wig, which is all incredibly accurate to Misa’s appearance in the anime.

“What an excellent cosplay of Misa! And surprised to see the Death Note fandom still up and about,” wrote one fan, while another added: “Woah you look great! Your wig and make-up are perfection!”

There have been plenty of Death Note cosplays over the years, but this is definitely one of our favorites. You can also check out more of the cosplayer’s work on their Instagram page.


Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer looks graceful as Art Nouveau Toph

Published: 16/Jan/2021 7:14

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Avatar: The Last Airbender fans love Toph for her tomboyish vibe despite being raised like a princess, but a brilliant cosplayer managed to capture her elegant side by creating a refined version of her usual outfit.

The heroes in Avatar: The Last Airbender all bring something unique to the table. However, Toph is particularly remarkable because she managed to become an earth-bending master despite being blind since birth.

Initially, she wanted to prove to her parents that blindness didn’t make her weak. But she became one of the most powerful characters in the show and a valuable Team Avatar member.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph Cosplay
Toph Beifong turned her back on a sheltered childhood to become a powerful earth-bender.

Toph is a popular choice among cosplayers too. But while we’ve seen everything from her traditional get-up to an elegant dress she once wore, it’s hard to find one more unique than Emma J.I.Q Rubini’s Art Nouveau Toph.

“You see nothing once, and you’ve seen it a thousand times,” she said, referring to a quote. “Y’all remember when we used to have cons? I’m so happy I went to Katsucon this year since it ended up being the only one I went to.”

“Here’s the cosplay I made for it,” she added. “Art Nouveau Toph! I am incredibly proud of the work I put into it, and I’m happy I got to wear it to such a pretty con! One day maybe I’ll wear it again.”

Emma managed to capture all the crucial elements of Toph’s everyday outfit. It includes the green and beige garments, the hairstyle tucked under a headband with a flower, and of course, contact lenses to match her eyes.

However, she’s added some exotic details in line with a style known as Art Nouveau. It combines elegantly woven tapestries with encrusted jewels and other bits and pieces to add some class.

Cosplayers and their fans know how much time and effort it takes to re-create an outfit faithfully. However, it takes creativity, talent, and courage to add your flair. Emma nailed it, and the thousands of likes she’s getting are a testament to that.