Darling in the Franxx cosplayer defends humanity as Zero Two

Darling in the Franxx Zero Two next to cosplayerCloverWorks / Instagram: @manuta_sinai, @kattleinad

A Darling in the Franxx cosplayer made waves on social media with her epic transformation into Zero Two. The artist’s stunning recreation will leave fans of the anime in awe.

Two years after its surprise breakout debut in 2018,  Darling in the Franxx has continued to be one of the most popular anime series to come out in the last decade. Viewers can’t get enough of the sci-fi romantic thriller.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the show’s wildly popular protagonist, Zero Two, by giving fans an idea of what the beloved heroine would look like in real life with a jaw-dropping costume.

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Darling in the Franxx Zero Two holding hatCloverWorks / Trigger
The 2018 heroine has already become an anime icon.

Darling in the Franxx cosplayer stuns as Zero Two

In the years since she was introduced to the world, Darling in the Franxx protagonist, Zero Two, has become a major anime icon. Viewers can’t get enough of the heroine’s epic design and fierce personality.

Cosplayer ‘manuta_sinai‘ brought her to life on Instagram when she shared her insanely detailed costume. Photographer ‘kattleinad‘ captured the artist posing in Zero Two’s signature red and white pilot uniform.

Unlike many cosplays of the character, Sinai’s outfit is actually made of latex and has individual parts attached on. For instance, the gold armband and the white trimming throughout the bodysuit actually pops out, adding depth to the recreation. Even her red horns and white headband look as if they came straight out of the show.

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Throughout the series, teenagers such as Zero Two pilot mechs called Franxx. In a March 2021 social media post, Sinai faithfully mirrored the character’s battle stance that she jumps into when controlling the giant machinery.


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Despite Darling in the Franxx’s incredible popularity, so far there have been no talks about a second season. The demand is certainly there as Zero Two continues to be a hit in pop culture.

Those looking to see what all the hype is about are in luck as the entire series can be watched right now on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.