Dangerous Harley Quinn cosplay looks ready to lead the Birds of Prey

by Brad Norton
Twitter: kalinkafox / Warner Bros. Pictures


While the zany character takes the big screen by storm in her own feature film Birds of Prey, this cosplayer transformed herself into the ever-whimsical Harley Quinn just in time for the premiere.

Having been a companion to Joker throughout a number of DC films over the years, Harley Quinn takes center stage throughout her own slice of cinematic history in 2020’s Birds of Prey.

Set to release on February 7 throughout the United States, this authentic realization could dazzle cinema crowds as popular cosplayer Kalinka Fox looks more than ready for the upcoming Hollywood premiere.


Posing as the iconic figure throughout a recent photoshoot, Fox dons the Suicide Squad attire of Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn. With red and blue streaks in her hair as well as her nails, every details has been taken into account.

Not to be taken lightly however, she comes wielding her trusty baseball bat, seemingly ready to strike down any who might stand in her way. 

Having just seen Harley’s latest adventure for herself, Fox offered up her own opinion, arguing the movie wasn’t perfect but still a necessary viewing for any DC fan. “Not so good, not so bad, but definitely must watch.”

Twitter: kalinkafox
The stunning Harley Quinn cosplay could make for a perfect superhero party costume.


This isn't the first time Fox has applied her costume-designing talents to the character either, with Harley Quinn one of the staple costumes for the cosplayers throughout Fox’s social media presence. 

In another appearance as the Birds of Prey leader, Fox appeared as Quinn posing in jail, casually sips tea in her full costume during an earlier photoshoot.

Harley is evidently a favorite of hers, and there’s no denying that she strikes a very similar resemblance to the character.


With a female lead, backed by a predominantly female cast, and directed by Cathy Yan, Birds of Prey looks to make a statement at the dawn of a new decade.

Expect to see Harley Quinn cosplays in droves as the hype for the new DC film continues to ramp up ahead of its global release.