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Danganronpa cosplayer is the Ultimate Nurse as stunning Mikan Tsumiki

Published: 22/Nov/2020 17:59

by Georgina Smith


A Danganronpa cosplayer on Instagram has recreated ‘Ultimate Nurse’ Mikan Tsumiki from the visual novel franchise in the best way possible, looking every bit the part in a vibrant purple explosion.

Danganronpa is a series of visual novel games that was first brought to the world in 2010, and has since had several further instalments released on top of the original Trigger Happy Havoc.

The story follows the lives of an array of students at a rather unusual high school, where the only way to graduate and escape the bizarre occurrences within the institution, is to kill a fellow classmate and get away with it.

The game’s cast of vibrant characters is more than enough fuel for a booming cosplay scene, and we’ve seen some fantastic takes on characters such as Ibuki Mioda and Junko Enoshima.

Mikan from Danganronpa looks to her right
Spike Chunsoft
Mikan is one of the many amazing characters from the series.

Each character has their own title, and Mikan Tsumiki is known as the ‘Ultimate Nurse,’ which cosplayer trickster.stuck and photographer senkophotography have brought to life in a series of stunning images.

The collared nurse’s dress mimics Mikan’s original pinafore, paired with a black belt around the waist. On one hand they wear a white silk glove, and on the other a bandage is wrapped around their forearm, in keeping with the classic nurse’s aesthetic.

Their hair is long and tinged purple, and is so detailed that it even has been chopped into the crooked style that Mikan sports in the visual novel.

But the thing that really makes this cosplay pop, is the bright purple smoke that flows to the background. Photographer senkophotography appears to use smoke grenades regularly in their work, and it’s safe to say that it looks brilliant here.

Plumes of purple smoke billow around trickster.stuck, tying in with the pink and purple stains littered across the nurse’s uniform. This is along with their purple tinged eyebrows, lips, and face paint that drips down from the eyes, making for an incredible image.

This cosplay turned out brilliantly as a result of both the costumer and the photographer, and perfectly ties in with the Danganronpa universe.


Bleach cosplayer hunts down her prey as Shark Empress Tia Halibel

Published: 22/Nov/2020 5:59

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Bleach fans love dressing up their favorite heroes and villains from the show, but one talented cosplayer decided to take on Tia Halibel, who blurs the line between the two.

Tia Halibel is first introduced as a villain and the third-ranked Espada in Aizen Sōsuke’s army. However, despite how intimidating she looks, she is one of the calmest and most level-headed members of the pack.

In fact, Tia Halibel doesn’t have a villainous personality at all. She doesn’t seem interested in bloodshed and violence and deeply cares about her colleagues. What’s more, she hates the idea of killing others, especially if it’s done to gain power. 

Still, Tia Halibel has a wild side, and it shows when others are harmed or when she’s betrayed. In those instances, she can be aggressive and brutal, which makes sense considering she’s nicknamed the Shark Empress.

Bleach Cosplay Tia Halibel
Viz Media
Tia Halibel doesn’t like fighting, but she will defend those important to her.

Tia Halibel blurs the line between a villain and an anti-hero of sorts, and for that reason, fans are drawn to her. However, none have shown their adoration of her better than a cosplayer and model named Nunaleo.

“Second shoot with the Halibel costume, this time solo,” she said. “I had made the weapon with the help of my little @syza_cos for the occasion!”

Nunaleo rocked Tia Halibel’s unique outfit to perfection. The white jacket with black seams looks flawless, along with the matching pants and black sash around her waist. 

She also matched green eyes, olive skin, trademark short blonde hair, and the number three tattoo on her breast, which rounded it off nicely.

However, the highlight is definitely the hollow mask around her face and collar. It’s crazy how she managed to make it look so real. It looks even better in a second shot, which also showcases the weapon.

Nunaleo has many brilliant cosplays on her Instagram. She’s done everything from Spider Gwen and Wonder Woman to Mount Lady from My Hero Academia. 

Still, she managed to outdo herself this time, with one of the best Tia Halibel cosplays we’ve ever seen.