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Cute Pokemon cosplay proves Marnie is the best Sword & Shield character

Published: 29/Dec/2019 23:21

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A skilled Pokemon cosplayer shared an adorable take on Sword & Shield’s Marnie that showcases exactly why she’s a fan favorite pick.

In the Nintendo Switch titles, Marnie is one of the main protagonist’s opponents when fighting for a chance to beat Leon and become the Pokemon Champion.

Fans love her, and cosplayer Morgan Foy is no exception, who shared one of the best takes on the Dark-type lover we’ve seen to date.

Game Freak / The Pokemon CompanyMarnie is one of your rivals in Sword & Shield.

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Marnie comes to life

What’s interesting about the cosplayer’s outfit and something that catches the eye straight away is her recreation of the character’s hair, which is made to look like she’s jumped straight out of the game itself and into real life.


The wig is created out of foam, and is shaded in a way that still makes it look realistic, and when teamed with the Spikemuth-born Trainer’s straight eyebrows and thick eyeliner, it takes it to the next level.

Morgan even nailed Marnie’s iconic choker necklace, and her signature black leather jacket for that perfect punk rock vibe.

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In another shot, the artist shows off a more full-length view of her work, and gets the cutouts on the bottom of the character’s pink dress down perfectly.

She mimics the details of her chunky boots with amazing accuracy too, and even includes the raised pink tips at the front, making for some insane attention to detail.


The Pokeball really tops off the look, and pulls the whole thing together, making Marnie look like the badass Pokemon Trainer that she is in the games.

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Morgan’s designs resonates with many as she currently boasts over 24,300 followers on Instagram at this time of writing.

While she pulls off an amazing Pokemon cosplay, the model has also recreated looks from other pop culture hits such as My Hero Academia, Monster Hunter, and Overwatch.