Cosplayer Ani-Mia hits back at trolls commenting on her weight

by Meg Bethany Koepp
Instagram: @animiaofficial / Unsplash


Popular cosplayer and model Ani-Mia has slapped back at trolls who think it's acceptable to comment on her weight with the perfect response.

Cosplayers are some of the most creative people on the planet as they design, make, and model costumes of characters from popular culture such as video games, TV shows, books, and movies. Popular actress and host Ani-Mia is one of them.

But being one of the most known in the craft comes with its downsides – it opens her up to more trolls and people who think they have a right to say awful things simply because she has a platform. But now, the model has had enough and hit back at those individuals.

Instagram: @animiaofficial
Ani-Mia is one of the most popular cosplayers.


Ani-Mia snaps back at trolls

On February 8, the 25-year-old took to Twitter to address those making comments about her weight from previous years, and put them back in their place with a perfect response.

"To the person that thought it was appropriate to comment on a post asking me if I was ever planning on getting back to my weight, I was over 10 years ago when I started cosplaying," she said.

Ani-Mia then revealed that she'd actually suffered from certain eating habits and dysmorphia at the time too. "And also suffered badly from unhealthy eating habits and my usual body dysmorphia," she continued.


The host then followed up her original tweet by saying that people should stop making those sorts of comments on cosplayers' posts altogether as it's none of their business at all.

"How about just don't comment about a cosplayer's weight period on their posts?" she said, clearly fed up with individuals who think it's fine to do so.

To finish off, she then retweeted a post from actress Lili Reinhart who shared her own frustrations at people saying things about her size and weight, proving that it's not just cosplayers who have to deal with it – it's an ongoing problem for a lot of women in modern media.


Ani-Mia is one of the most popular cosplay artists in the United States, and boasts a giant 205,000 following on her Instagram alone, proving that many are big fans of her designs.

Outside of dressing up as characters, she's also a model, actress, host, and a published author.