Cosplayer aims high with precise Call of Duty Modern Warfare photoshoot

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s single player campaign was viewed as a return to form for the franchise, and part of the reason were characters that are ripe for cosplay.

Section 7 Milsim & Cosplay answered the call with his take on the game’s protagonist Alex, otherwise known as Echo 3-1. In a dynamic photoshoot, the cosplayer credited photographer Michael Walker for help in bringing the character to life.

“Such amazing shots we got today in Destin, Florida,” Section 7 wrote in an Instagram post. “We had gotten permission with a construction site to use for a few for some epic shots and went to Henderson Beach State park for others.”


Some of the photos uploaded are extremely dynamic in terms of action -and as it turns out, they can even have some real world consequences. In a shot where Section 7 holds a smoke grenade, the cosplayer revealed that he'd nearly passed out.

“Absolutely one of my favorite shots even using my green smoke grenade,” he wrote. “I about choked during this picture, but hey, what an epic darn shot.”

In another action shot, the cosplayer attempted to recreate the mission “Clean House.” In the mission, the player takes control of Kyle Garrick to clear out a UK townhouse that’s filled with Al-Qatala members who helped plan and carry out the Piccadilly terrorist attacks.


Section 7 explained that, although Alex wasn’t in this mission, he thought it would be a cool scene to recreate. “Clean House has got to be one of my favorites,” he stated.

Call of Duty may not be what most people first think of when it comes to cosplay, but clearly with some imagination and a lot of passion, Modern Warfare can easily contend with the best out there.


It will be fun to see what else Section 7 and Michael Walker can come up with to bring the events of Modern Warfare to life.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is out now on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.