Cosplay legend Yaya Han lights souls on fire as Promare's Lio Fotia

by Virginia Glaze
Yaya Han, Instagram / Studio Trigger


Massively popular cosplayer Yaya Han has unleashed yet another masterpiece on the world, and this time, she’s taking on the Burning Rescue as Promare’s very own Mad Burnish leader, Lio Fotia.

Promare’s English subtitle release rocked the continental United States in late 2019, with fans across the country raving about Studio Trigger’s latest anime masterpiece that brings together beloved elements from their past series.

Detailing the story of the “burnish,” humans granted destructive pyrokinetic powers after the “great world blaze,” Promare’s plot centers on firefighter Galo Tymos and terrorist burnish leader Lio Fotia as the plot quickly amps up into jaw-dropping action and slapstick madness.


Being both an avid anime fan and storied cosplayer, it comes as little surprise that Han tried her hand at one of Promare’s titular characters, Lio Fotia, who boasts a unique, highlighter-yellow bob cut and snappy leather outfit.

Han’s skill and creativity truly shines in her rendition of the character, bringing the outfit together with Fotia’s elegant cravat and even a flame prop that denotes the Burnish leader’s unique fire-based powers.

Yaya Han, Twitter
Cosplayer Yaya Han shocked the anime fanbase with her stunning Lio Fotia costume, a titular character from Studio Trigger's "Promare."


The cosplayer even uploaded a video of her photoshoot to Instagram, which she revealed took place in a studio in Ikebukoro, Japan.

She explained that her flame prop was made overnight in her hotel room specifically for the shoot, created from materials bought during a single trip to craft store “Tokyo Hands.”


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Cosplay photoshoot in Ikebukuro! The conditions at the studio were not ideal but we made the best of it! @rtplostlink and eleventhphoto (on Twitter) were so kind to come out and shoot Lio Fotia with me! Here are some behind the scenes and candid videos! SWIPE ? We did a lot with colored lights and cellophane and I can’t wait to share the results with you! Note: Tokyu Hands is an awesome lifestyle department store chain that has 2 floors of arts & crafts and home improvement products! I bought all the materials to make a lil flame-chan for the photoshoot and put it together in an evening. Highly recommend doing a walk-through next time you’re in Tokyo. As for cosplay studios, I still recommend Haco Stadium in Chiba and Booty Studio in Shinjuku the most. The ikebukuro Haco cosset that this was filmed at was too small for my comfort, and the changing room was heated to hell temperatures. Not good for a pvc suit. However, do check out the Animate Acos building that cosset is in as they have multiple floors of cosplay shops! . . . . . . #cosplayinjapan #promare #プロメア #liofotia #リオ #promarecosplay #liofotiacosplay

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Needless to say, Yaya’s Lio Fotia truly makes our souls burn — and becomes even more of a fantastic feat when considering it’s her first “crossplay” costume ever!

“I feverishly made it after watching the film four times and while listening to the fantastic soundtrack,” Han said of the costume. “All the while wondering how my first time cosplaying a non-female character would go. Lio’s character absolutely captivated me and compelled me to push outside of my comfort zone, and I’m glad for this new experience right at the end of the decade!”

Yaya Han, Instagram
Yaya Han's Lio Fotia was made after she became inspired by Pomare, and is the first "crossplay" she's ever undertaken.


Yaya Han is a huge name in the cosplay community, traveling to highly-demanded performances at conventions across the globe and even boasting her own line of materials at Joann’s fabric stores.

Now, she’s given fans yet another cosplay masterpiece as they eagerly await the possible video release of Promare in February.