Coraline cosplayer goes to the Other World with incredible take

coraline cosplayLaika / Instagram: @dabbucosplay

A cosplayer went viral after bringing the protagonist from the hit 2009 film Coraline to life. The talented artist looks so much like the popular heroine, it’s almost as if she’s jumped out of the animation and into real life. 

Coraline made its debut in 2009, and wowed audiences with its stunning stop-motion camera visuals. The film is about a young girl who stumbles into a different world after discovering a door hidden in her new house.

Bringing the movie’s protagonist to life, a skilled cosplayer became the real life version of the animated blue-haired heroine. Her mindblowing transformation is one of the best things you will see all week.

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coraline crawling through doorLaika / Focus Features
The 2009 film featured incredible stop-motion animation.

Cosplayer becomes the real life Coraline

The critically acclaimed film was helmed by Henry Selick, who infamously directed The Nightmare Before Christmas in the 90s. The movie follows protagonist Coraline Jones, who has to adjust to a new town after a recent move.

Cosplayer ‘Dabbu Cosplay‘ shared an insane transformation into the animated character on Instagram. Her faithful re-creation of Coraline quickly went viral with over 8k likes at the time of writing.

The artist perfectly captured the protagonist’s signature blue bob-haircut, and re-created her black military cap which she wears throughout the story. Dabbu even perfected the heroine’s mannerisms by mirroring her facial expressions.

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In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer showed fans how much detail went into making her outfit accurate. The artist created Coraline’s signature dragonfly hairclip, as well as her yellow raincoat. Cleverly, she holds up a black button which is a nod to the story’s creepy Other World.

Dabbu has a history of looking incredibly close to the character she is cosplaying. In August, we covered her mindblowing take on Ellie from the hit PlayStation title The Last of Us.

Laika / Focus Features
The talented cosplayer truly looks like Coraline from the film.

Coraline was created by studio Laika, who have gone on to make several critically acclaimed films in the same stop-motion style such as ParaNorman and Kubo and the Two Strings.

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The 2009 film has grown a large following since its release, with many comparing its visuals to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Its creepy story makes it the perfect watch for Halloween coming up.