Ciri cosplayer at TwitchCon had sword ruined by event staff: “I was so angry”


Cosplayer Team_Nikachu went to TwitchCon 2022 dressed as Ciri from The Witcher. While her garb was beloved by all, it ended in tragedy after an assistant at Amsterdam’s RAI broke it — and she shared the story with IRL Twitch streamer ‘YourFellowArab’.

Cosplayers spend an immense amount of time and effort perfecting their art, making sure every detail stands true to their source material.

So when Ciri cosplayer Nikachu had part of her outfit ruined — The Witcher star’s iconic sword — by event staff at TwitchCon 2022, she was annoyed.

The worker, who wasn’t a part of Twitch but rather RAI Amsterdam where the event was hosted, split her sword in two right in front of her eyes.

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When hearing the story, a listener asks if they broke the sword by mistake. Nikachu instantly rejects this idea. In an effort to save her prop Nikachu yelled “hey this is not yours,” before imitating the worker breaking the sword in half.

Nikachu claims she cried after the event occurred, frustrated and angry over it. She decided to attend the convention without cosplay the following day to avoid a similar situation from reoccurring.

The outfit means something a bit more to her too. She streams The Witcher on Twitch quite regularly, creating YouTube content on the game as well.

Cosplay allows players to live out their fantasies and show expression for their love of the character and the franchise. And Ciri’s sword, alongside her costume, was her own unique way of connecting with the community.

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The cosplayer has multiple posts on Instagram showing off her Ciri cosplay, where the sword is always donned by her side. She’s brought the sword along many conventions, documenting her memories through vlogs. And with a snap of a convention worker, the sword is destroyed.

According to Nikachu on her Instagram story, the worker was not a Twitch employee — which could easily be misunderstood from the context and titling of the clip.

“My poor sword. It was not a Twitch Employee. He was part of the Rai Center. He ‘apologized’ and I will repair it!”