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Awesome Frozen cosplays bring Elsa and Anna birthday wishes to thousands

Published: 21/Mar/2020 12:47 Updated: 21/Mar/2020 12:48

by Joe Craven


Two cosplayers have taken matters into their own hands to wish children all around the world a happy birthday – all while cosplaying as Frozen’s Elsa and Anna. 

As the global situation deteriorates and Disney closes its theme parks, many children have been left without their once-in-a-lifetime birthday trips. 

However, a pair of cosplayers based in Orlando, Florida are doing their best to bring birthday wishes to children who might be missing out otherwise. One of the cosplayers, Anna Faith, is known for her likeness to the Disney princess.

Elsa and Anna exploded in popular culture following the release of Frozen.

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In one of the more heartwarming stories to spring from the ongoing pandemic, Anna Faith and a friend teamed up as the well-known Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen movies. 


Since the original was released in 2013, the movie (and its accompanying soundtrack) have captivated children all round the world. Elsa and Anna are known for their icey gowns and long hair, two aspects of the cosplay that have been perfected by the duo. 

“Due to the Disney parks closing, we have this video available to anyone with birthdays right now!” they explained. “Thank you for offering money but life is hard enough right now and we just want the kids to be happy. Happy birthday!!!”

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Attached is a video wishing the viewer a happy birthday, with the cosplayers perfectly in character as their respective Disney creations. 


A number of Twitter users responded to thank the pair for the video, explaining that their children valued the wishes. 

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The pair turned down any offers of money, simply explaining that they want to cheer children up in the difficult time everyone is experiencing right now. 

Not to mention their cosplays were nigh on perfection in their recreations of the acclaimed Disney characters.