Attack on Titan cosplayer channels her inner potato girl as Sasha Blouse

Cosplayer melissa_lissova next to Sasha Braus from the anime Attack on TitanInstagram: melissa_lissova / Wit Studio

An Attack on Titan cosplayer has done an incredible job of recreating the character of Sasha Blouse from the popular anime, looking every bit the part in her true-to-life costume.

Attack on Titan has scooped up an enormous global following since it began airing in 2013. Its chilling concept and engaging plotline, along with characters that viewers can root for, has ensured its huge level of success, with the final season confirmed to be airing in late 2020.

The story follows the human race fighting back against huge humanoid monsters referred to as Titans, that roam the Earth looking looking for people to eat. An elite group of soldiers called the Scout Regiment wage war on the terrifying creatures, leading to a thoroughly gripping story.

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Attack on Titan season 4 trailer posterMAPPA
Attack on Titan Season 4 is coming in December.

Sasha Blouse is a member of the Survey Corps, and is known for her fun-loving attitude, and a compulsive desire to eat. While not a main character in the series, she certainly has garnered a host of adoring fans, who see more to her than just a girl with a big appetite.

Attack on Titan cosplayer brings Sasha to life

Cosplayer Lissa ‘melissa_lissova‘ did an excellent job of recreating Sasha’s classic look, and even made use of some interesting props to capture the character’s iconic traits.

The outfit matches the show perfectly, with her fitted white shirt overlaid with the belt-like harness making the artist look ready to battle Titans. Over all of this is, of course, the classic Survey Corps jacket – a gorgeous tan leather with some blue and white emblems on the pocket and sleeve that look just like the apparel from the anime.

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Her hair is also pulled back into a sleek ponytail, with chunky side bangs to frame her face, giving her that perfect anime look, whilst still keeping a real-life element.

To top it off, the image captures her sneaking a whole loaf of bread into her jacket, just as Sasha would do in the show, giving a great portrait of her interesting characters, and adding something a bit different.

Attack on Titan fans clearly loved this look, as the cosplay scored an astonishing 30,000 likes at the time of writing.