Apex Legends fan bamboozles crowd with perfect Mirage cosplay

Apex Legends fan bamboozles crowd with perfect Mirage cosplay

Published: 8/Jun/2022 0:09

by Brianna Reeves


Apex Legends Mirage cosplay by Officiallycannon recently stunned a crowd, thanks to the cosplayer’s incredible attention to detail.  

Known as Apex Legends’ Holographic Trickster, Mirage has long been a fan-favorite Legend. The character counted among the battle royale game’s first eight playable heroes, arriving on day one alongside the likes of Bloodhound, Caustic, and Pathfinder.

Respawn Entertainment has issued a whole host of changes for Mirage since his debut. From gameplay buffs to brand-new skins, Mirage mains often receive yet another reason to double down on their favorite hero.

Of course, the love for Mirage extends to Apex Legends’ vast cosplay community as well. And the latest example of such adoration has already bamboozled plenty of fans.


Apex Legends Mirage cosplay impresses crowds

apex legends mirage gameplay screenshot Mirage makes for the perfect cosplay character.

Earlier this week, dancer and cosplayer Officiallycannon took to Reddit to share footage of his Mirage cosplay. And the costume appears as though someone ripped it right out of the popular online game.

Though the suit looks like it would overheat the wearer, Officiallycannon told commenters in the Reddit thread that a Spider-Man suit he previously wore is actually “hot[ter] to wear.”

Mirage here! with a few upgrades. You’re gonna see a lot of me.” from apexlegends

Officialycannon initially shared photos and clips of the Mirage cosplay on his Instagram page in November 2021. In the many months since then, the cosplayer has improved upon the outfit quite a bit.

The updated version of the suit boasts much more yellow. A few more accessories were added to the overall look, as well. Suffice it to say, the cosplayer’s efforts warrant nothing short of applause.


Other Apex Legends fans have similarly brought Mirage to life in the past. For instance, well-known cosplayer Sarenji mixed things up with an awesome female Mirage costume last year.