Apex Legends cosplayer scans the area as Royal Guard Bloodhound

Twitter: ebonywarriorLLC, Respawn Entertainment

One of Apex Legends’ most iconic characters is the Technological Tracker Bloodhound, and one cosplayer has brought them to life with this spectacular cosplay. 

Whenever you load into a game of Apex Legends you’re likely to encounter Bloodhound, the title’s elusive hunter with a thirst for blood.

Ranked as S-Tier in both the Battle Royale and Arenas modes, Respawn’s patch 1.73 nerfs haven’t dented the character’s dominance in Apex.

Despite their popularity, though, cosplaying as the beast of the hunt isn’t an easy task due to their insanely detailed armor, mask, and scrambled voice. Enter Ebony Warrior Studios, who has brought Bloodhound into the real world with this masterfully crafted cosplay.

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Apex Legends BloodhoundRespawn Entertainment
onning Bloodhound’s Royal Guard armor, this cosplayer has transformed himself into the Tracker.

Apex Legends Bloodhound cosplay is truly spectacular

Electing to go with Bloodhound’s iconic Royal Guard skin as his vestment of choice, Ebony Warrior has perfectly replicated the skin’s ruby red paintwork and gold inlays.

“Bloodhound was the most armored cosplay, and I’m an armor addict,” he confessed to Dexerto, and his armor forging skills don’t go unnoticed here.

Additionally, he’s perfectly recreated Bloodhound’s Japanese-inspired helmet, which features golden ‘horns’ (Maedate) and dangling fringe trims.

Finally, their iconic gas mask has been brought to life with Ebony Warrior’s skills, truly completing this stunning rendition of the Apex Games’ hunter supreme.

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Ebony Warrior discusses his Bloodhound cosplay

Ebony Warrior gave us some invaluable insight into the process behind creating this cosplay.

Taking a grand total of three and a half months to construct, he decided to go for an Apex cosplay as “I was a day one Apex player. It was an interesting concept and it sucked me in immediately”

While his love for creating armor is one of the reasons for his choice to cosplay Bloodhound, he explains that “it’s also awesome to be able to cosplay a non-binary character and represent for all my friends who are non-binary.”

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Apex Legends BloodhoundRespawn Entertainment
Bloodhound is one of Apex’s several LGBTQI+ characters.

This cosplay has turned heads within the Apex community, but with increasing stardom comes some negatives. As a person of color, he has discussed at length the online racism and abuse he’s received in response to his cosplay images.

In a July 1 tweet he called out those attacking him, writing “imagine being upset over a black person cosplaying. Your jealousy feeds me.”

To anyone experiencing racist abuse, he states “for other people of color looking to cosplay, I’d say we are out here. Block the racists and don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. You’re worth it.”

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Not only is Ebony Warrior using his platform to create stunning art, but he’s become a fighter for social justice. We can’t wait to see where his next cosplay journey takes him, especially considering the caliber of this one.

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