Apex Legends cosplayer jolts Wattson into action

EA / sperrens (Instagram)

A talented Apex Legends cosplayer has plucked Wattson straight out of World’s Edge and sparked her to life with this electrifying cosplay — and it’s so deadly, it hertz!

Wattson has been a staple character of the Apex Legends roster ever since her explosive entrance in Season 2.

And after changing the landscape of Kings Canyon forever, the Static Defender soon became a go-to character for many fans.

Apex Legends' Season 2 cinematic.EA
Wattson made her dramatic entrance into the Apex Games in Season 2, and has been a fan-favorite ever since.

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With plenty of fans relating to Wattson’s quirky personality, various cosplayers have jolted her to life with their renditions.

Both Cosplamy and Nikki Brutal paid homage to the Static Defender with their flawless takes on the Legend’s original attire — which had the everything from the color scheme to the hairdo on lock.

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However, fellow cosplayer, sperrens has added her own unique twist to Wattson by combining her original ensemble with the hood from an Epic skin.

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Captured by Kameraninja at the recent PAX East expo, sperrens’ outfit is complete with a realistic version of Wattson’s backpack, orange parka and the trademark scar on her face.

Sperrens was even joined by malinkacosplay, who posed as the Apex Games’ very own Interdimensional Skirmisher — with the pair recreating a skit from fan-made artwork.

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It’s no surprise that sperrens’ cosplay was lapped up in the comments of her Instagram post, given the attention to detail throughout the whole outfit. Heck, fans must have thought they’d spawned in World’s Edge when looking at both Wraith and Wattson posing together!

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Wattson was joined by fellow newcomers, Crypto and Revenant at PAX East, where the trio would have most definitely turned heads all weekend long.