Apex Legends cosplayer greets death as supernatural Wraith

Respawn Entertainment / Twitter, @Sarenji2

Apex Legends’ Wraith, or Renee Blasey, is an interdimensional skirmisher who has now entered our dimension in a prop- and effect-filled cosplay from ‘_sarenji_.’

According to lore, Blasey was a senior science pilot who experimented upon herself, was betrayed by a coworker, and emerged as a split personality with multiple voices and a unique ability to transcend dimensions, most notably with the Void. Cosplayer sarenji is all too aware of the Legend’s dichotomy, as she recreated both sides of Wraith: the normal and the ethereal.

As Wraith’s voice line indicates in the cinematic trailer, she has a close affinity with death. That relationship between death and living, between the void and reality, is reflected in sarenji’s cosplay as she contrasts a normal, kunai-brandishing Wraith with one who has whited out eyes and an aura of electricity (or whatever matter enables void transcendence).

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The kunai comes from replica3d, the outfit and wig from ezcosplay, but the recreation of both sides of the popular character comes directly from sarenji. 


Overall, the reactions to her look have been overwhelmingly positive, as people from across the internet have commented their appreciation. One user commented, “Saw this in Facebook, amazing cosplay, love you,” while another remarked, “Saw this on Reddit and came to follow! You should try doing some of her other skins too. 10/10.”

The idea of recreating some of the other skins is pretty fun, as Wraith has some seriously obnoxious outfits and looks in the game. One that immediately stands out would be her legendary “Protector of the Void” skin, from August 2019’s “Iron Crown Collection” event. With armor and bold face paint, that would be an excellent second choice for her cosplay (and would not require a buzzcut like some of the other popular skins).

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wraith protector of voidRespawn Entertainment
Wraith’s Protector of the Void skin is ambitious cosplay gold.

Unfortunately for the Reddit fan, seranji doesn’t seem intent on doing any more Wraith cosplaying anytime soon. As mentioned in her Instagram bio, her next two cosplays will be Loba and Octane. 

Going from Wraith to Loba will be interesting shift, but the switch to Octane will be an even starker contrast. No word yet on if she’ll be going so far as to recreate his bionic legs or stim usage, but the kunai, void electricity, and phase-walk contacts have set a high bar.