Apex Legends cosplayer goes live on Twitch with incredible Loba outfit

Apex Legends cosplayer lobaRespawn / Twitter: RosieRiotsTTV

With Apex Legends’ range of uniquely designed characters, there’s always inspiration for talented cosplayers to pull off an outfit from the game, and Loba is one of the most popular. This Twitch streamer pulled out all the stops for this incredible cosplay.

Loba, added back in Season 5 of Apex Legends, was instantly a fan-favorite, thanks to her fierce attitude and stunning looks. This has made her the ideal subject for many cosplays, alongside the likes of Wattson and Wraith as the most cosplayed Apex characters.

Her outfit also isn’t as complex to create as say, Valkyrie or Revenant, who have equipment, robotic limbs, or rockets attached to them. But, nonetheless, pulling off a cosplay with this level of attention to detail is certainly an impressive feat.

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Twitch streamer RosieRiots did just this with her cosplay of the ‘Translocating Thief’, and put on a show with the outfit too, playing Apex for her viewers on stream while portraying the character.

RosieRiots Loba cosplay is spot on

With so many small details to get right, Loba’s outfit no doubt requires some very expert crafting to put together.

RosieRiots not only got the clothing spot on, with the corset-like top and wolf-inspired jacket, but also the small accessories, like the gloves and bracelet – which in-game, is Loba’s tactical ability.

Perhaps Loba’s most defining features are her hair and make-up, though. The red-dipped pigtails and red eye makeup is instantly recognizable, and are pulled off to perfection here.

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Fans were immediately impressed. “Really just tweeted a screenshot of Loba in-game and thought we wouldn’t notice,” one joked. “Literally thought this was a render from in-game” another commented.

Rosie responded that she had been working on the cosplay for a long time, and was very happy with how it turned out.

Showing off the cosplay in motion on her stream, we can get a better look at how well executed it was.

If you’re a fan of Apex Legends cosplays, there are many more to check out. Some of our favorites include this excellent Wraith look, and this female version of Caustic is surprisingly good.

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