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Apex Legends cosplay brings Wraith to life with incredible detail

Published: 13/Mar/2019 22:44 Updated: 13/Mar/2019 22:56

by Alan Bernal


There is no shortage of Apex Legends cosplays since the game exploded in popularity after its February 4 release, but few Wraith renditions can hold a candle to cosplayer Lisa ‘lisamancinerh’ Mancini’s recreation.

Apex Legends released on February 4 with a small array of characters to choose from, but fans took an early interest in the Interdimensional Skirmisher which is producing incredible cosplays.

Now, a talented fan debuted her complete Wraith outfit which shows a ridiculous attention to detail in recreating the popular character.

My final Wraith cosplay comparison! from r/apexlegends

In a Reddit post, lisamancinerh displayed a side-by-side comparison of her in the outfit next to an official design for Wraith.

Though Wraith seems to have a basic and subtle design, Lisa quickly realized that there was a lot more nuance to the outfit once she started making it.

“Wow wraith wears unnecessary shit,” one Redditor said.

“I thought her outfit was simple then it was just nonstop buckles etc ahah lot of stuff,” lisamancinerh said in reply.

The extra attention to detail definitely came together, since everything from her foggy eyes to the many, many buckles throughout the cosplay instantly turned onlookers into fans.

lisamancinerhThe individual parts of Lisa’s cosplay as the design was coming together.

Even though lisamancinerh put together the cosplay in less than a week, fans couldn’t find much that lisamancinerh didn’t nail about the popular Legend’s design. That is until one redditor found a glaring omission.

“Too much smiling, take a picture like you have a frustrated headache lol,” a redditor said.

Lisamancinerh agreed with the critique, but said that she was going for a smug face that which fits the character.

Other than that small note, this was an impressive feat in cosplay creation and proved that Wraith would have the same deadly look in real life as she does in the game.


Apex Legends cosplayer plunders loot on Olympus as gunslinger Loba

Published: 25/Nov/2020 6:47

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Loba is one of the sassiest characters in Apex Legends, and cosplayers love stepping into her knee-high boots, but one has really stunned her fans with a masterful piece.

Apex Legends players are drawn to their favorite legends for different reasons. Some like them for their aesthetic and personality, others like them for their skills and ultimates. However, it’s hard to name one more universally loved than Loba.

Loba has it all, from a unique look and an interesting backstory to a larger-than-life personality. She’s also incredibly useful on the battlefield. The fact she can teleport around makes her an absolute menace in gunfights.

However, her true value lies in being able to spot high-quality loot and teleport it to her squad. In that sense, she’s the ultimate team player, and it’s the reason why she is often in demand. 

Apex Legends Cosplay Loba
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has one of the biggest personalities in Apex Legends.

Loba is a popular choice among Apex Legends cosplayers too. They love stepping into the boots of their favorite gunslinging bandit and embodying her attitude and elegance. Like most cosplays, they’re all incredible in their own way.

Sarenji, a popular German cosplayer with thousands of followers on Instagram, recently stole the hearts of her fans with a stunning Loba cosplay.

“I’ll take your life and your loot. I’m exceptionally good at both!” she said, in reference to a Loba quote.


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The first set of photos showcases her long braided pigtails with a red-tinge, as well as the make-up, long nails, earrings, gold necklace, and the white and grey chest piece with gold seams. 

The highlight, however, has to be Loba’s trademark silver staff with a wolf’s head on top. Apex Legends players well-versed in the lore will know that it was a gift she received from her father.

In the second set of photos, Sarenji gives her fans a better look at the piece from further back. It provides a more complete picture of the outfit and offers a glimpse at her leggings too.

“A gun is like a beautiful woman. Hold her tight or someone else will,“ she said, quoting Loba once again.


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A post shared by Legal Waifu✨ (@_sarenji_)

Sarenji didn’t hesitate to give credit where credit was due. She thanked ezcosplay for create the outfit and senpai3d_for creating the staff.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact she wore it well and played an equally important part in bringing Loba to life.