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Animal Crossing cosplayer gets dapper as the infamous Raymond

Published: 2/May/2020 22:09

by Theo Salaun


Popular cosplayer ‘FakeNerdBoy’ has stunningly replicated one of Animal Crossing’s most popular characters: the infamous Raymond.

As the legendary Jessica Nigri’s boyfriend, Ryan ‘FakeNerdBoy’ Brandt is no stranger to cosplay. And, fittingly, he has now decided to bring his costuming talents to one of the world’s newest celebrities. 

While legions of fans fawn over his girlfriend, FakeNerdBoy has opted to impersonate Animal Crossing’s Raymond, whose own masses of fans have completely destabilized the game’s economy.

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Raymond is an international superstar. The grey cat has heterochromia, boxy glasses and a sharp outfit primed for Wall Street (if he wasn’t busy being transported around from island to island).


On, one of the internet’s most popular marketplaces for Animal Crossing items and villagers, Raymond is as coveted as can be. He is the site’s “most wished for” villager and, with just six sellers at the time of this writing, costs 800 Nooks Miles Tickets, on average. On the cheaper end of the game’s economy, that equates to nearly 10 million bells. Or, if you’re lazy, you can just spend real money to buy tickets on Ebay. 

With Raymond’s snappy attire, signature tuft of blond hair and some nifty contacts, FakeNerdBoy nails the cat’s default look.


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Our only complaint: there is a tad too much smiling. Raymond is known, and loved, for being a smug, smarmy character—the only smug cat in the game’s history. Part of the feline’s charm is that his hipster glasses and uppity ensemble are paired with a matching personality: polite, knowledgeable and…a little egotistical.

For FakeNerdBoy to get full extra credit on this look, we’d need him to lean away from the joviality and toward the poised reality of the intellectual side of life. Maybe he could hold a tea cup, daintily, in one picture. Maybe a book in another.


Oh, maybe he could be looking down disdainfully at someone whose elbows were on the table? Just spitballing some ideas here. 

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It really seems like Raymond only gets cheery once he’s offered an outfit he surprisingly adores: the maid dress. 

But with the vest, tie, mismatched eyes and pointed ears—this cosplay hits every mark for aesthetics. We’ll grade it at a full 800 Nook Mile Tickets.