10 best cosplays from PAX West 2019

. 3 years ago
PAX West / Twitter: @angeldonn_, @shayylatte

Popular video game conventions bring out the best in cosplayers as they replicate characters’ outfits in real life to show the world how creative they can be. We’ve ranked the top 10 best cosplays from PAX West 2019.

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Cosplayers are some of the most creative people on the planet, as they take outfits from characters in popular culture and bring them to the real world.

PAX West 2019 took place in Seattle, Washington from August 30 to September 2 and many talented video game fans came out in full force to display their love for their beloved characters with amazing outfits – here are our favorites.

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10. Rathalos – Monster Hunter

Instagram: @mayjeancosplay / @phillip_penty
Monster Hunter comes to life.

Tenth place on our list goes to a crazy Monster Hunter cosplay that looks like it has stepped straight out of the game itself. One of the series’ most terrifying monsters – the Rathalos – can be used to make armor upon defeat, and cosplayer ‘May Jean’ brought that to life.

The armor is realistic and incredibly intricate right down to the last detail in this cospay – the game’s infamous item pouch is even clipped onto the waist.

You can follow the cosplayer’s monster hunting adventures on Instagram at @mayjeancosplay.

9. 2B – Nier: Automata

Twitter: elentori (via @DarkHorseComics)
This cosplayer’s 2B outfit is so accurate.
600https://twitter.com/DarkHorseComics/status/1168215412808355840[ad name=”article3″]

This Nier: Automata cosplay is beautiful. 2B is the main protagonist in the game, and is seen as a mascot for the series for many.

Talented cosplayer ‘elentori’ showed off their talent with this outfit at PAX West, doing a perfect job of representing the character. The design on the hem of the dress is perfectly accurate, and the eyepatch just ties the whole look together.

You can follow the cosplayer on Twitter at @Elentori.

8. Aigis – Persona 3

Twitter: @squeakadeeks
“When you fall, get right back up!”

This incredible Persona 3 cosplay will have fans of the series swooning. Aigis is one of the most loved characters in the game, and the cosplayer has done an amazing job of capturing her charming personality.

‘Squeakadeeks’ managed to pull off Aigis’ look perfectly, right down to the red ribbon secured across her chest and black triangle headband – we love it.

You can follow the cosplayer on Twitter at @squeakadeeks.

7. Triss Merigold – The Witcher

Twitter: @shayylatte
Triss Merigold comes to life in this cosplay.
600https://twitter.com/shayylatte/status/1167966783157833728[ad name=”article4″]

Triss Merigold is one of the most-loved characters in The Witcher series, and this talented cosplayer’s rendition helped her reach seventh place in our list.

Nailing outfits that are true to the game can be difficult, but Shayla ‘shayylatte’ did a great job at making Triss’ threads look as realistic as possible. The cosplayer’s naturally red hair brings together the look perfectly.

You can follow her on Twitter at @shayylatte.

6. Wattson – Apex Legends

Twitter: @nikkibrutal
This Wattson cosplay is electrifying.

Wattson was added to Apex Legends when season two first started back on July 2, and she fitted right into the game’s unique roster ever since.

Talented cosplayer Nikki Brutal decided to bring the legend to life with her rendition of the hero, and it’s one of the most accurate portrayals of a character we’ve ever seen – right down to the electrifying scar on her cheek.

You can follow her on Twitter at @nikkibrutal.

5. Katarina – League of Legends

Twitter: angeldonn_ / Rheality Photography
Katarina comes to life in this incredible cosplay.

Fifth place goes to a crazy Katarina cosplay that will have League of Legends fans going wild. The character has been a staple in the series since her release back in 2009.

Cosplayer Angel Donn took her outfit to the next level, and really brought out the legend’s persona through her costume, even down to the scar on her left eye. Her chainmail is etched with insane details too, and makes for a crazily accurate representation of the character.

You can follow the talented cosplayer on Twitter at @angeldonn_.

4. Waveracer D.Va – Overwatch

Instagram: @warm_soda87
Have you ever seen a cosplay this cute?
600https://www.instagram.com/p/B11tiGqJrzg/[ad name=”article5″]

This is a charming Overwatch cosplay worn by a little girl. She rocked up to PAX West with her father in a Waveracer D.Va outfit that is honestly too cute for words. The girl even sports the character’s sunglasses and wears a flower in her hair – aw!

The adorable outfit is also accompanied by a cardboard version of the hero’s MEKA mech, with flowers painted on the top to match the skin’s design.

While the young girl doesn’t have her own Instagram account, you can follow her father at @warm_soda87.

3. Mad Moxxi – Borderlands

twitter.com/pokurimio" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@PokuriMio.

1. Zamazenta – Pokémon

Instagram: @isashibe (via Twitter: @garfep)
What a good doggo.

Our top pick for the best cosplay goes to a shiba inu named Isabelle. She is a retired show dog who now spends her days spreading love around various conventions and events, and her PAX West 2019 outfit was so good that she jumped to the top of our list instantly.

Isabelle paraded around the event on the third day in an adorable Zamazenta costume – one of the legendary Pokémon from the upcoming Sword and Shield titles – and she looked so happy to be wearing it.

You can follow her adventures over on Instagram at @isashibe.

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