Who is Sylvie? Loki character and differences explained in Marvel Comics

Lady Loki and Sylvie

Unlike Loki and Mobius, Sylvie is adapted from two characters, but how similar is she to Lady Loki and the Enchantress?

Season 2 of Loki brings the MCU’s mischievous trickster back for another adventure. Facing a splintered timeline and the impending arrival of Kang the Conqueror, the God of Mischief and Mobius M. Mobius race to save the multiverse. 

Part of that adventure will be finding Loki’s variant, Sylvie. When last she was seen, she murdered He Who Remains, breaking the cycle of the TVA and creating the MCU’s multiverse. 

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Sylvie is one of the more interesting aspects of Loki and a character whose role in the series was hidden before it launched. Like most characters on the show, she has her roots in comics, but the unique origins mean she’s almost entirely original to the show. 

Loki’s Sylvie is a mostly original character

The Sylvie who appears on Loki is actually an amalgamation of two characters. Her general appearance and disposition mimic that of Lady Loki, but her powers echo The Enchantress. 

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The first appearance of Lady LokiMarvel Comics
When Asgardians return after Ragnarok, Loki is reincarnated as a woman.

Lady Loki was a form Loki found themself in after the conclusion of the Ragnarok prophecy, reborn as a woman among the other Asgardians. This version of Loki was just as mischievous as the original, joining Norman Osborn’s Cabal and manipulating the Scarlet Witch. 

The version of Sylvie fans know, however, is closest to the Enchantress. The character most closely emulates the second Enchantress, Sylvie Lushton. Sylvie is a young woman from Oklahoma who was given powers by Loki because she thought it would be fun to make an Asgardian. 

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How Sophia Di Martino’s MCU character differs from Marvel’s Enchantress and Lady Loki

Combining the Lady Loki and Enchantress characters means that Loki’s Sylvie has some similarities but also differs wildly. She winds up being a mostly original character, picking and choosing elements and backstories as the show sees fit. 

In reality, Sylvie’s gender and status as a Loki are really all that compare her to Lady Loki. She is a mischievous trickster but nowhere near the scale of her comic counterpart. 

Loki explains the creation of her EnchantressMarvel Comics
Loki created the second Enchantress because they thought it would be mischievous.

Sylvie does hew closer to Enchantress, though. Her powers are more about mesmerizing an opponent rather than tricking them, and her general demeanor is much more tempered. It’s hard to imagine this version of Sylvie joining the Masters of Evil or The Hood’s Illuminati as the comics iteration did. 

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There’s also the wrinkle of Sylvie being a variant, something that neither Lady Loki nor Enchantress were. While she does draw clear inspiration, the simple fact is Sylvie is a unique enough creation that she’s really her own character. 

Of course, Sylvie’s fate could change in Loki Season 2, which is slated to hit Disney+ on October 6. For more coverage on Loki and their comic counterparts, make sure to follow our coverage

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