Green Arrow reveals Star City’s imminent destruction and the shocking hero behind it

Green Arrow #4 cover artDC Comics

Green Arrow just learned he’ll eventually destroy Star City in a shocking interaction with Parallax.

The current run of Green Arrow has put Ollie further from his family than ever before. Despite reintroducing Roy Harper’s daughter, Lian, and bringing Ollie’s son, Hawke, back into the fold, the family has been separated on a journey throughout time. 

Most recently, Green Arrow found himself stranded in the future with Lian and Hawke when he learned his family was being displaced by tech implanted in their heads. The revelation brought him face-to-face with the person responsible for his displacement: Parallax. 

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Fans have been waiting eagerly to find out why Parallax would displace Oliver through time. The answer may not be what anyone expected, and it certainly has dark implications for the future of Green Arrow. 

Green Arrow learns he’s responsible for Star City’s destruction

Ollie had already found out he was responsible for the arrangement that kept his family displaced via a message from his future self, but Parallax’s involvement was a surprise. For Green Arrow to ally with the evil version of his best friend, Green Lantern, would mean he was incredibly desperate. 

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Green Arrow #4 reveals that Ollie may have made the right call. Parallax takes him to a destroyed Star City, revealing that Green Arrow will be responsible for its eventual destruction. 

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Green Arrow and Parallax from Green Arrow #4DC Comics
Parallax reveals he displaced Green Arrow’s family through time at his request.

Despite being its long-time Guardian, Star City has historically had a rough time. It was partially destroyed by Merlyn and Doctor Light, resulting in a number of its neighborhoods being walled off. Years later, the city was again devastated when Prometheus detonated numerous bombs in the heart of Central City, which resulted in a massive forest growing in its center. 

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This carries over into other depictions, as well. The CW’s Arrow famously destroyed Starling City at the end of Season 2 in a terrorist attack orchestrated by Deathstroke and Brother Blood. 

How Green Arrow is actually responsible for Star City’s destruction has yet to be revealed. Given the issue’s cliffhanger – with an older Oliver aiming his bow at his younger self – fans won’t have to wait long to find out. 

Green Arrow #4 is available now from DC Comics. For more Green Arrow and comic book news, be sure to follow all our coverage

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