YouTuber TGE reveals car that’ll replace his Lamborghini Aventador SV

tge new car aventadorTGE TV - YouTube

YouTuber TGE has finally revealed his next car after ditching his Lamborghini Aventador SV months earlier.

Getting rid of a car like the Aventador may confuse a lot of people, especially when that’s one of the nicest vehicles in the world.

If someone makes the choice to drop this car, you better believe that they are going to pick up something that’s worthy of taking up the mantle.

TGE TV YouTubeTGE TV - YouTube
TGE looked at several cars before making a decision.

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TGE went down to look at a plethora of different vehicles in order to narrow his choices down.

He looked into several different brands, but finally, he made his choice. However, before making anything official, he went for a ride with his long-time friend Dean to discuss the decision. He has been somebody TGE has always trusted with purchasing a new car, so he wanted to get his blessing first.

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TGE new carTGE TV - YouTube
TGE finally decided on a car. Spoiler: it’s not this one.

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The popular car YouTuber revealed the car he has his eyes on to replace the Aventador is the Porsche Carrera GT. He revealed a large part of this is because Dean spent several years working with the automotive company and actually became a bit of a specialist during his time at Porsche.

After having a back and forth about the car and how it’s evolved over the years, TGE concluded by saying the vehicle is “at the top of his list.”

(Conversation with Dean begins at 11:27.)

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He even might have even been swayed by fans on Instagram.

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“I am just being tagged in Carrera GT stuff every five seconds on Instagram,” he said.

While this car hasn’t been manufactured since 2007, it remains a very popular choice among collectors. The YouTuber explains that you’ll have to do your research before you purchase one because you don’t want to buy anything that’s been “wrapped around a tree and rebuilt.”

tge and deanTGE TV - YouTube
TGE and Dean discussed why the Carrera GT would be a good idea.

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With all that said, he hasn’t gotten the car yet, explaining he still has to go through the proper channels and fill out paperwork before it’s official.

Barring a last-second change of heart, or an offer he can’t refuse, it sounds like the Carrera GT will be the entering his garage in the near future.

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