YouTuber Supercar Blondie unveils her new ultra-luxury car

. 2 years ago
YouTube: Supercar Blondie

Popular car YouTuber Supercar Blondie has unveiled her latest luxury car – and it’s undeniably one of the most beautiful you will ever see.

Supercar Blondie has earned herself over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers with her supercar content, including reveals of secret Bugatti hypercars and giving insightful looks over exciting new cars such as the BMW i4.

That said, usually she’s just taking a look at other people’s cars, showing off the very best features of vehicles we could only dream of one day owning – but now she’s taken one in for herself, and it may be the best yet.

Instagram: supercarblondie
Blondie has driven some of the most exotic, expensive cars in the world.

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In a video posted on May 6, Blondie – real name Alex Hirschi – unveiled her brand new ride after a week of searching and waiting, pulling out a brand new Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge.

It’s not a car that takes much time to fall in love with, especially in the cream/off-white and black colorway she’s got it in, looking like a more modern version of an absolute classic, which is really exactly what you want from a Rolls Royce.

Blondie reveals that it’s been a dream of hers to own this car for over a year, citing the car’s incredible power – more so than of her previous Lamborghini Huracan – and the sporty look made it a no-brainer for her.

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The 2020 Black Badge Wraith starts at $380,000, a huge jump from the standard Wraith’s $120,000 price tag offering the aforementioned sportier look with fresh wheels and different interior designs, but retaining the classic Rolls Royce quality, comfort and beauty.

It’s easy to see why Blondie fell in love with it, even despite the eye-watering price tag stamped on it, but you can see how excited she is as the car rolls in, and asks viewers whether they think she should get a unique wrap on it or some modifications to jazz it up even more.

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