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YouTuber Archie Hamilton reveals crazy cost of his new Porsche Taycan

Published: 13/Aug/2020 11:50

by Kieran Bicknell


With Porsche having revealed the 4S model of their all-new ‘Taycan’ electric car, it was only a matter of time before it fell into the hands of YouTubers. Archie Hamilton has now revealed his spec, with a final purchase price of over £100,000 ($130,000).

The Taycan has been hailed as a revolution in electric sports car technology, with many going as far as calling it the first mainstream electric supercar. Available in 3 levels of trim, the 4S is the ‘base’ model with prices starting at £83, 367 ($109, 074).

While that may seem like a steep price, it’s even more surprising when you realize that Archie added over £23,000 ($30k) of options to get his final specification. Porsche are well known for making their money from options, but to spend that much money on extras alone is mind-blowing.


Archie Hamilton Porsche Taycan
YouTube: Archie Hamilton Racing
Opting for Carmine Red is a brave choice, and an expensive one too at over £1600 / $2000.

Inspired by Porsche’s ‘Mission E’ concept

When considering the spec for his new Taycan, Archie was quick to say that it is important for him to consider residual and resale values. With this in mind, he has still gone for a very bold specification, opting for the gorgeous £1,683 ($2,202) Carmine Red special edition paint.

Archie also spoke a lot about the ‘Mission E’ spec influencing his car, with YouTuber TGE calling it “very cool”. ‘Mission E’ was the official name for the concept car of the Taycan when it was revealed in 2015, which featured an all-white exterior with specially-designed wheels with white inserts.

Opting for these wheels on production Taycans is a popular option, with many other owners having done the same. Alongside the ‘Mission E’ wheels, he also specified LED Matrix lights, folding mirrors, and ‘Sport Design’ side skirts, bringing the cost of exterior options to £5,538 ($7,245).


Clip starts at 4:12

Inside is where the most money was spent, with options totaling up to a whopping £6,420 ($8,410). Highlights of his specification are the ‘comfort’ seats, panoramic glass roof, and the Porsche ‘Chrono package’, which adds the iconic clock in the center of the dash.

With the Taycan already having breathtaking performance as standard, there isn’t much in the way of performance options. Archie did opt for the ‘Performance battery plus’ which extends the range and ups the power slightly, though he did also deem it “essential” for resale values.

The total cost of Archie’s Porsche Taycan 4S

All told, he spent a total of £23,210 ($30,367) on options according to his spec shown in the video, with the final purchase price being a whopping £106,577 ($139,443).


Archie is likely to be the first of many YouTubers to start buying performance EVs, so it will be interesting to see who makes the jump next.