YouTuber Airrack abandons friend in the desert during “death race”

Kieran Bicknell
airrack abandons mack
YouTube: Airrack

Moving house can often be a boring, lengthy process that drags on for far too long. For YouTuber Airrack and co-star Mack moving across the country to Los Angeles, they decided to spice things up a little by turning their journey into a no-rules “death race” across America.

Having loaded up his life into the truck, rented a U-Haul trailer and loaded up his trademark Smart Car, Airrack (real name Eric) and Mack set off to race across the country with Los Angeles as their final destination.

Not everything went according to plan, though.

Having spent over 24 hours on the road and after passing each other numerous times (including some sneaky tactics on Macks behalf) the pair neared the end of their journey and crossed into the state of Arizona." frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen>

Death Valley disaster

Driving through Arizona means passing through Death Valley. A 7,800 km area of desert, Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth, reaching temperatures up to 46 degrees celcius during the height of summer.

Eric fills up at the gas station in preparation to cross the desert but elects not to tell Mack that it is, in fact, the last gas station for 116 miles in the hope that he will be able to overtake him. Mack then carries on without stopping, blissfully unaware of the lack of gas stations in the middle of death valley.

Eventually, disaster strikes for Mack. Having realized that there are no gas stations anywhere nearby, his car coughs and splutters, with it eventually cutting out in the middle of the highway due to running out of fuel.

Airrack Too Far Subtitles
YouTube: Airrack
Eric realises he may have crossed the line by leaving Mack stranded in the desert

Did Airrack take it too far?

With Mack stranded on the side of the road, Eric does eventually stop to tell his co-star that there is a gas station not too far from his location. In a Top Gear-esque twist, Eric then cheerfully abandons Mack, leaving him to hitchhike to the next gas station.

Mack calls Airrack on Facetime to discuss options, eventually telling him that he was “psychopathic” by not telling him about the lack of gas stations and leaving him on the side of the road. Thankfully Mack did manage to get to the gas station, though a two hour walk to get there in the Death Valley heat can’t have been a pleasant experience.

Eventually. the pair do make it safely to their new house which they are sharing with a number of other “well known” YouTubers, with Mack literally collapsing out of his car upon arrival.

While no roommates names have been confirmed yet, Eric said we will “definitely know who they are” which will no doubt fuel the rumour mill rather nicely, and should help him on his goal to reaching one million subscribers by the end of the year.