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Vehicle Virgins reveals 6 things he hates about Tesla Model Y

Published: 11/May/2020 14:31

by Jacob Hale


Popular car YouTuber Vehicle Virgins has been using a Tesla Model Y and, despite the popularity of the electric vehicle, has shared six things that he believes “suck” about the Model Y.

Tesla has become one of the biggest car brands in the world, with CEO Elon Musk spearheading an “electric revolution” and bringing out a range of new vehicles – including the highly-anticipated Tesla Roadster, which he recently revealed may be delayed until after the Tesla Cybertruck.

But that’s not to say Tesla gets everything perfect, and that’s what Vehicle Virgins wanted to discuss, telling viewers what he believes are six of the worst things about the Model Y.


Tesla have really put electric vehicles on the map.

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While Vehicle Virgins – real name Parker Nirenstein – says that the vehicle is “absolutely amazing,” this doesn’t mean he’s completely satisfied with every facet of the Model Y, going into detail about some of the cosmetic or aesthetic issues with the car.

Most of Nirenstein’s main gripes with the car are, as mentioned, aesthetic, which might be somewhat surprising considering one of Tesla’s main appeals is that their cars are designed to look slick to another level.

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Reeling off his list of complaints – which even he would admit are somewhat minor, as they don’t seem to affect the drivability of the Model Y at all – Nirenstein says the following are the biggest issues with the Model Y:


  • The tyres are too small – huge wheel gap
  • Some build quality elements, such as panel gaps, are “not that great” and “don’t align right”
  • Faulty rear seat folding buttons, which he says is a “common issue”
  • Front seats are on risers, which are “ugly” and makes him “concerned for [his] safety”
  • Reclining back seats means passengers will hit their head on the roof
  • Loud noise when stationary

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As mentioned, Nirenstein prefaces this video saying that he loves the Tesla Model Y, so clearly none of his issues with it affect how much he wants to drive it, but are more areas where the car could be improved to make it perfect, rather than making it drivable.

In terms of functionality, he doesn’t seem to have any huge issues, though it’s maybe worth noting the issues with the back seats if you plan on regularly having passengers or utilizing more trunk space in your Model Y.

Finally, he says that if the Model Y or Model 3 are in your budget, it makes complete sense to get one, so he clearly believes it’s worth more than other cars around the same price, which may be worth considering if you’re in the market for one.