TheStradman reveals how he broke his Ferrari F430 Challenge

by Connor Bennett


Popular car YouTuber TheStradman has revealed how he broke his Ferrari F430 Challenge after trying to break a time record at one of his local tracks. 

TheStradman is one of YouTube’s most popular car content creators having attracted almost 2.5 million subscribers to his channel – with his uploads regularly clocking in at around a million views. 

After taking a break from the platform prior to the new year, TheStradman has since returned to making regular content around his incredible collection of cars. However, one of his most impressive, the Ferrari F430 challenge, looks set for a spell in a garage after he pushed it to its limit and proceeded to break it during a recent track day.

Instagram: thestradman
Instagram: thestradman
The YouTuber has an ultra-impressive assortment of cars including the F430 Challenge.


In his video showing off his attempts at breaking the local track record, TheStradman took his supercar to the very edge – and even managed to push it over the top by spinning out during one lap.

Yet, that wasn’t the reason behind the damage. Instead, he’d just gone too hard for a few laps. “I think I’ve broken the Ferrari,” he said when he took back out for a few more laps. “I’m in second gear, my foot is to the floor, and the RPMs don’t want to go up. I’ve broken the car, this is not good. Too many spins, I think the transmission is overheating right now.” 

The YouTuber was able to limp to the finish line and explained that he was going to give up on his attempt to break the record – but would only be returning once he’d assessed the damage and fitted a spoiler.

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However, he would be able to get it home and checked. “I’m pretty sure I blew the trans. Power above like 4,000/5,000 RPMs is non-existent,” he added, before noting that it could be a fuel issue too.

Either way, getting something fixed on the Ferrari isn’t going to be cheap so fans might be waiting a little while to see it back on the road.