Supercar Blondie smitten by “ridiculous” $500k custom Lamborghini

Supercar Blondie with Mansory Edition UrusYouTube: Supercar Blondie

As if a standard Lamborghini Urus isn’t quite crazy enough, tuning company Mansory has released their take on the Urus, which seems to have won over Supercar Blondie in her August 28 video.

Automotive tuning company Mansory is famous for taking high-end luxury and performance cars and modifying them beyond recognition. While they are often controversial in doing so, there’s a buyer for every car, and it seems Supercar Blondie was smitten with this ‘Mansory Edition’ Urus.

This custom work doesn’t come cheap though; With the full Mansory body kit and tuning package, this Urus is $200,000 more expensive than the standard Lamborghini Urus. To put that into perspective; You can buy a brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo for that sort of money.

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Regardless of the crazy cost of the car, Supercar Blondie seemed to fall head-over-heels in love with it.

Urus Mansory EditionYouTube: Supercar Blondie
Mansory is well-known for their controversial body kits.

Starting with the exaggerated and aggressive angles of the Mansory front bumper and new hood, she calls it “extreme and super, super manly” while explaining how Mansory “pimp out” Lamborghinis.

Despite describing the car as “manly,” she clearly loves the look and style of it, but she did find the inflated $500k price tag a little hard to justify.

Evidently smitten with this custom Urus, Supercar Blondie constantly repeats how much she “loves” the look of the car. She also gives us a little hint about her Rolls-Royce build, telling us she’s ordered 24″ wheels for her Wraith, but she’s now unsure if they will suit.

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By far her favorite part of this custom Urus is the new exhaust system and engine tune. With a new triangular exhaust set into the rear diffuser, the Mansory Urus sounds “frickin amazing” with its new “ridiculous” exhaust system. The engine tune also adds 30hp to the car, bringing the total power output to around 670hp.

The interior is also a big part of her love for the Urus, describing it as being akin to that of a “fighter jet” in its layout. The controls are mostly touch screen with her praising the haptic feedback of the screen, along with the aerospace-inspired handles and levers.

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Making the most of the Urus’ incredible supercar-esque performance, she performs a number of accelerations up to 100kmh to show off the added performance and incredible noise from the exhaust.

With Supercar Blondie giving the Mansory Urus such a glowing review, perhaps we’ll see one as an addition to the channel in the future? Either way, it’s clear she absolutely loved this controversial, $500,000 super-SUV.