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Supercar Blondie reveals the best thing about new BMW i4 electric car

Published: 24/Mar/2020 17:40

by Jacob Hale


Car YouTuber Supercar Blondie got the chance to try out the electric BMW i4 concept, and revealed one thing that makes it better than other electric cars.

The electric revolution is leading the way for automakers, with many of the major car producers looking to capitalize on the eco-friendly trend that has seen the likes of Tesla become a favorite among drivers.

BMW are one of many looking to get on top of the trend, and the upcoming BMW i4 looks like their attempt to become the staple name for electric car owners in 2020. Now, Supercar Blondie has highlighted one feature that could squash many potential buyers’ fears.


Instagram: supercarblondie
Blondie has toyed around with some of the most luxurious cars in the world.

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One of the most common complaints or fears that potential customers have when looking at electric vehicles is the range and charging times. Bill Gates explained that range was the main issue other than price, while former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond found he was almost caught short of charge after a road trip in his Tesla.

That’s what Blondie suggests is one of the best things about the BMW i4 – it’s charging time. While many electric car owners will have to leave their car on charge overnight, or for an extended period of time, she says you can get 100km (62 miles) from just a six-minute charge.


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As Blondie says, this isn’t far off how long it takes to put fuel in your car so, although you won’t get the same amount of mileage for the amount of time charging, it’s definitely helpful if you’re in a rush or only need a small top-up.

Overall, Blondie seems thoroughly impressed with the car in its entirety, which is expected to launch at around $50,000 when it first starts production in 2020.

Though this doesn’t necessarily improve the overall range on the vehicle, and the max range of 370 miles is about the standard, it shows that electric vehicles are advancing at a fast pace and, as soon as charging points are more commonly available, we may see far more on the road.