Supercar Blondie reveals “quirky” features of $4m McLaren Speedtail

. 2 years ago
Supercar Blondie with McLaren Speedtail
Instagram: @Supercarblondie

Featuring diamond-flaked paint, incredible active aero, and carbon as far as the eye can see, the McLaren Speedtail is the fastest McLaren production car ever. Supercar Blondie gets the rare opportunity to check it out ‘in the wild.’

Supercar Blondie gets to experience some of the rarest, most incredible cars on the planet as part of her job, but the ultra-exclusive McLaren Speedtail must be near the top of her ‘coolest cars’ list.

Paying homage to the legendary McLaren F1 from the 90s, the McLaren Speedtail is the fastest production McLaren ever built. Limited to just 106 examples, the Speedtail is designed for all-out performance and maximum top speed.

Supercar Blondie sat in McLaren Speedtail
YouTube: Supercar Blondie
Alex loved the interior of the $4 million McLaren Speedtail

The Speedtail has “slippery” aerodynamics

With its quoted max speed of 250mph, fighter-jet like seating position and “slippery” aerodynamics, the Speedtail that Supercar Blondie tested is worth a cool $4 million. Powered by a hybrid V8, this McLaren has a combined total of 1,100hp.

This is no standard Speedtail though, as SB is quick to point out that it has a number of “quirky” features. The paintwork has real diamonds mixed in for an ultra-sparkly finish which costs $130,000 on top of the list price.

Not content with having diamonds in their paintwork, the owner of this Speedtail chose to go with the 24k gold engine details and heatshields — a $35k option. The wheels too are chrome, which adds another $13k to the price. As if a gold engine bay wasn’t enough, the owner also gets a solid-gold toolset in the ‘frunk’ of the car, along with “awesome” custom McLaren Speedtail luggage.

It’s like a fighter jet for the road

Clearly excited by the central driving position and “spaceship sounds” the doors make, the interior appears to be SB’s favorite part of the $4m hypercar.

It’s not lost on her that this is an ultra-rare opportunity, with SB saying she “can’t believe” she gets to do this review.

With a central driving position akin to that of the McLaren F1, both doors are fully automated and controlled by overhead switches similar to those of a fighter jet.

The controls for the engine and gearbox are overhead too, giving a real ‘Top Gun’ feel to the car. With a central driving position and two passenger seats flanking the driver to the rear, this is about as close as you can get to a fighter jet for the road.

While for this video SB was only able to drive around a small courtyard, she said “maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to test this baby at the track…” So fingers crossed we’ll see a performance test of the McLaren Speedtail from Supercar Blondie in the future.

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