Richard Hammond crashes classic BMW motorbike in hilarious YouTube skit

by Daniel Cleary
Drivetribe, YouTube


Popular car enthusiast Richard Hammond accidentally “crashed” a classic BMW motorbike while filming a parody of hit TV show, ‘Long Way Round,’ for his YouTube channel.

Long Way Round was a popular TV series released in 2004, documenting the journey of actors, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, who traveled around the world on motorbikes.

Inspired by the classic show, Richard Hammond decided to film his own “lockdown” edition and toured around his courtyard on a classic BMW bike, setting up different points of interest along the way.

Drivetribe, YouTube
Richard Hammond took viewers on a tour of his yard in a parody of the "Long Way Round" TV series.


During his tribute, The Grand Tour host opted for the 1929 BMW R52 as his vehicle of choice and explained that it was the “genesis of the continent crushing BMW’s that Charley and Ewan rode around the world on.”

Hammond brought viewers around his yard and jokingly revealed some of his “fortuitous discoveries,” highlighting some of the vehicles in his collection such as the 1969 Porsche 911T and a British Sunbeam bike from the late 1920s.

Things did not go according to plan towards the end of his circuit and he took off unexpectedly on the bike, crashing into a nearby door and adding a surprising twist to the Long Way Round parody.

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“It was in gear so when I took it off the stand it just ran off,” he admitted, laughing back at his mistake.

Fortunately, the bike was going at a low speed when he collided with the door and appeared to come out of the incident without suffering any injuries.

Drivetribe, YouTube
Hammond revealed that the classic BMW bike had been slightly damaged during the collision.


Although the same could not be said for the bike, as he later realized that it received some minor damage and was slightly bent from the impact, “Oh no, I’ve bent it.”

Hammond chose to look at the bright side, however, joking that the crash had added some more excitement to his tour, “well that’s a proper adventure now that it has a crash in it.”

Despite the brief collision, he was able to finish his trip without much of an issue and even revealed he was considering doing another parody for his channel but ideally one without crashing a vehicle.