Randy of Savage Garage raises warning over Porsche Taycan electric car

by Connor Bennett


Randy from The Savage Garage YouTube channel has raised a warning about the all-new Porsche Taycan Turbo S after getting a ride in the all-electric car.

Following the impressive creations from Tesla and the need to find a non-fossil fuel future for vehicles, car companies across the globe have been diving into hybrid and all-electric builds for their new releases.

The newest to join the electric revolution has been Porsche, unveiling their Taycan as the latest luxury vehicle to become all-electric. Though, with this being Porsche, the German manufacturers have come up with a more sporty model - the Turbo S – and while impressive, some YouTubers have reservations.

An image of the porsche taycan turbo s at the Frankfurt Car Show
Flick: Rutger van der Maar
The Porsche Taycan is the companies first all-electric vehicle.


One in particular is Randy from the popular The Savage Garage collective, who got to go on a ride-along with a Porsche service manager.

Even though he and his partner Jimbo were blown away by how quick the car is, noting that it’s faster than a Porsche 919 – the impressive specs it has, and how awesome the charging port spot is compared to other electric cars – the YouTuber still had some concerns about it being potentially dangerous.

“It’s fun to a degree, you know, it feels dangerous but there’s something… the disconnect,” he said. “You feel like you’re in that rollercoaster – if anyone ever been on the Aerosmith rollercoaster – it’s one of the fastest accelerating rollercoasters, from there to there to 87mph in like four feet and its such a pull and such an adrenaline rush, that’s what it feels like.”


On the other hand, Jimbo explained that he feels it shouldn’t be available to the public because it could cause plenty of crashes. “I think it should be, because it’s going to be funny to YouTube,” added Randy.

Even though the car is available to members of the public, it’s not exactly cheap. Getting a Taycan Turbo S will set you back around $206,000.