ProducerMichael absolutely slams the McLaren 720s during test drive

ProducerMichael drives the McLaren 720SYouTube: ProducerMichael

It’s not often that many people would be handed the keys to a McLaren 720s and proceed to complain about it the whole time, but that’s exactly what YouTuber ProducerMichael has done in his August 25 video.

Being given the keys to a McLaren 720s as a courtesy car is a dream situation for most drivers. For Michael though, it’s a nightmare; Being a Ferrari man through-and-through, he certainly didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the 720s.

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Immediately it’s obvious that he loves the look of the 720s, being smitten with it before even sitting in the driver’s seat. This example also has a set of custom CEC wheels on it that are worlds apart from the look of the standard McLaren wheels.

McLaren 720s Parked on the side of the roadYouTube: ProducerMichael
The unusual headlights and scissor doors on the McLaren 720s give it an almost spaceship-like appearance

“You shouldn’t need a degree!”

Taking the car through Los Angeles and up into the Malibu canyons, Michael is quick to comment on how ‘fun’ and ‘fast’ the car is, but unfortunately, that’s about the extent of his praise for the 720s.

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Falling at the first hurdle, Michael was unable to even move his seat or steering wheel into the correct position, find the nav, or turn on the radio. Talking to his cameraman Adam, he sums it up well saying “You shouldn’t need a degree in computer engineering to turn the radio on!”

Driving the car wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience either it seems. Beyond the car being “fun” there’s little that attracts Michael. He complains that the paddle shifters move with the steering wheel, saying its the “silliest thing [he’s] ever seen in his life” while the ride is apparently back-breaking.

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This is no ordinary McLaren 720s…

It is important to note that this isn’t a totally stock 720s. Along with the new wheels, it has also had suspension modifications (which may be the cause of the poor ride) while the exhaust has also been swapped out for a Quicksilver offering.

Michael did actually praise the modification to the exhaust system by saying how fantastic it sounded. Unfortunately, this was quickly followed by slating McLaren’s stock system, saying most of their cars “usually sound like lawnmowers!”

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At the end of the drive, Michael simply sums it up by saying “I would never want to own one” – McLaren was on the back foot from the start of this review, and it seems his love for everything Ferrari was just too strong to let him enjoy the McLaren.

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