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NELK Boys’ Jesse makes dad tear up by giving him his dream car

Published: 11/Aug/2020 11:59

by Kieran Bicknell


Ticking off another one of his bucket list items; Jesse from the NELK Boys crew surprised his dad with a new Dodge Challenger muscle car out of the blue, and the reaction from his dad was better than ever imagined.

With everything going on at the moment, sometimes a nice heartwarming story is just what the doctor ordered, and Jesse from team NELK has delivered in a segment featured in the latest NELK video.

Having moved into the ‘full send house’ with the rest of the NELK Boys back in March, Jesse wanted to tick another item off his bucket list by bestowing his father with a gift that he’s always wanted to give him; An American muscle car.


This is no ordinary muscle car though. Jesse gave his father a satin grey Dodge Challenger which appears to have been modified, with an enlarged ducktail spoiler and likely an upgraded exhaust system judging by the sound it makes as he arrives.

Clip starts at 15:05

An incredible reaction

With the whole team around him, Jesse steps out and tells his visibly-shocked dad “hop in buddy, it’s yours!” to thunderous applause and screaming from the NELK team.

His dad is clearly taken aback by this incredible gesture of generosity. Initially speechless, he tentatively stars exploring the vehicle and trying to process what’s going on in front of him.


NELK Jesse and Dad
YouTube: NELK
His father was clearly moved by the extreme show of generosity

Eventually having sat in the driver’s seat of the Challenger and once he’d regained composure, he tears up and thanks Jesse again before taking the Dodge out on the open road for the first time.

Taking the car out onto the highway, Jesse’s dad is still shocked, asking Jesse if the car is really from him, and calling it “absolutely unreal.” The Challenger sounds incredible as it’s driven hard up to highway speeds, with the V8 engine roaring away under the hood.

Arriving back at the house, his final words in the car are “unreal… this is sweet. Thanks Jess, I love you more than before!”


Clearly this was an emotional experience for them both, but it’ll be one that Jesse and his dad will no doubt treasure forever.