Jake Paul reveals insane $100,000 “emergency response vehicle”

Jake Paul YouTube

YouTube star Jake Paul revealed his new Jeep that was turned into a massive “emergency response vehicle” with some serious upgrades throughout its frame.

Coming off of his boxing win against AnEsonGib, Jake made good on his post-match promise of investing in more “depreciating assets” by purchasing the $100,000 mammoth that can traverse cars, uneven terrain, and even street barriers in his neighborhood.

The younger Paul brother had full intention of utilizing the beast of a car that transformed a 1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A by infusing it with an engine block that churns out 815 horsepower while being propelled on four 54 inch tires.

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Jake Paul YouTube
The lifted Jeep towered over everyone at the Team 10 house.

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“So I ordered a Zombie apocalypse vehicle off of eBay and it’s arriving right now,” Jake said. He quipped that the escalating worldwide concerns made him want “a giant off-road vehicle that could handle anything and drive over cars.”

But it didn’t look like even he was fully expecting the behemoth that was delivered to the Team 10 mansion.

Both Jake and girlfriend Julia Rose looked minuscule riding together in the Black Ops 4×4 custom creation.

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Neither of the social media stars or the Team 10 mansion’s neighbors were ready for the absolute destruction and mayhem that the off-roading Jeep was about to unleash.

“You guys literally wonder why every single person on the block is putting their house up for sale,” a neighbor said, smiling and astounded at Jake’s new car. “Because of this kid out here, this degenerate driving a tractor Jeep up the hill.”

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Paul can be seen going over a nearby hillside, trampling a stowed car on the Team 10 Mansion lot, and easily making its way down the concrete barriers of a nearby yard.

Jake Paul YouTube
The modded Jeep made easy work of the stress tests Jake put it through.

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Although, the car looked incredibly out of place on the road next to the sedans and SUVs that popular his local streets.

Even Jake had creeping suspicions that the car was too powerful for the road, jokingly saying: “I was driving it and I was thinking ‘I think we’re going to blow up right now.’”

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The test drive went without a hitch, though, and Jake might be feeling pretty confident that he can pull through any crisis with his epic off-roading car.

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