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Dirt 5 has been delayed again – new release date announced

Published: 7/Sep/2020 22:33

by Bill Cooney


British video game publisher Codemasters has announced that their new rally car game Dirt 5 will see its release date pushed back further to try and take advantage of the next-gen systems being released this year.

Codemasters are known primarily for their F1 racing games, but the Dirt series has been going strong in the rally car category since 1998, and fans have been looking forward to the fifth installment since it was announced earlier in 2020.

Originally, we were supposed to see the release happen on October 9, but it then got pushed back to October 16 in August, with no reason given at the time.


Now, devs have announced another delay to the release, with Dirt 5 officially (we hope) coming out on November 6, to “to take advantage of the next-generation console launches which are expected in time for the holiday season,” according to their tweet.

“It sucks, we know,” Codemasters admitted in their tweet. “The start line is now a little further away, but it’s still very much in sight.”

Those of us who ordered the Amplified Edition of Dirt 5 will still get three days early access to the game, but that will now happen on November 3, so we’ll still have longer to wait.


Apart from an annoying release schedule that keeps changing on us, Dirt 5 does look like the best installment in the series yet, with plenty of rally cars to choose from and curving, winding off-road tracks to drift and race around. Hopefully, there’s a course going through Japan at night, so we can live out our Tokyo Drift fantasies while listening to the greatest Fast and Furious theme song ever (you know the one).

For the first time ever in Dirt 5, players will also be able to design their own custom courses in the brand-new “Playground” mode, so even if there isn’t a Tokyo map, you might just be able to create your own neon-drenched street racing fantasy.


There is one silver lining to Dirt 5’s delay, however, as players who purchase the game for Xbox One or PS4 will receive a free, next-generation upgrade when those new consoles release later this year.