David Dobrik explains why a random stranger owns his Aston Martin

david-dobrik-with-aston-martin1YouTube: Vehicle Virgins / New Views Podcast Highlights

Having revealed his gorgeous new Aston Martin DB11 in a ‘mukbang’ video earlier in 2020, David Dobrik has announced on his podcast that he doesn’t actually own the car at all.

After ‘christening’ his new DB11 with plenty of fried chicken along with fellow YouTuber Ugh its Joe, David has now revealed it’s not actually his car at all.

In his typical ‘matter of fact’ style, he announces “I just got a new car… it’s an Aston Martin” casually on the ‘Views’ podcast.

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However, not everything is as it seems. David explains that he “went to the place to get the car” but decided that he didn’t actually want to own it long-term.

Aston Martin DB11 Frosted BlueYouTube: New Cars
Dobrik’s Aston DB11 is similar to this UK-Registered example in ‘Frosted Blue.’

Buying the car for just three months?

Asking the dealership if it was possible to buy the car “just for three months.” He also stated that he’d “plug them on Instagram” before mentioning that he would indeed pay them for the three months, as expected.

Explaining why he wanted it for such a short time, David said “I’m going to get bored of it.” Being able to simply ‘get bored’ with an exotic car after three months isn’t a bad problem to have, but it did present an issue for Dobrik.

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Unfortunately for David, the dealer said their ‘entire business model’ was built on people “getting bored of their sports cars.” This meant that he would have to buy or lease the car, and then go through the arduous selling process in a few months time.

As luck would have it, an anonymous wealthy fan happened to be in the dealership at the same time.

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David goes on to explain how the fan gave him his card, said they should collaborate on something and left. Later on, the generous stranger actually texted him to follow up on their conversation.

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Clip starts at 0:40

“Do you want me to buy the car?”

Saying “Hey, do you want me to just… buy the car, and I’ll just lease the car out to you” the text caught David by surprise.

This situation not only solved Dobrik’s long-term car commitment issue, but also allowed the benefactor to pursue one of his own dreams of starting an exotic car rental company.

By leasing the car off of the anonymous buyer, David is able to own the Aston Martin for as long as he wants, and then simply hand it back to the buyer when he is done with it.

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While it is an unusual situation, many YouTubers finance their cars and pay monthly, so in reality, this is no different.

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