DailyDrivenExotics ‘harassed’ by police for driving supercars

DDE Dave Stopped by PoliceInstagram: @dave_dde

The DailyDrivenExotics (DDE) team doesn’t have the best of luck when it comes to dealing with cops. Unfortunately, it seems their bad luck streak continues, with the DDE team being ‘harrased’ by cops while parked up with other supercars.

Sharing their journey via the DDE Instagram page, Damon and Dave showed a group of supercars parked up at Lake Louise while taking a break from a cross-country road trip. Given that the cars were parked up innocently and amongst other cars, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

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It seems that one police officer took exception to this, however, with Damon confronting the cop over why he was taking down information and photographing the supercars without any crimes being committed.

DDE with PoliceInstagram: @dailydrivenexotics
The incident was shared via the DailyDrivenExotics Instagram story.

“I wanna be able to have your info”

In the video shared on the DDE Instagram, the cop can be seen photographing the number plates of the parked-up supercars, apparently taking great interest in the minor details about them.

Having approached the cop with a friendly “how’s it going?” Damon asks why they’re taking photos of a blacked-out Nissan GTR R35. It seems that this cop is suspicious of the drivers’ behavior, saying “if you fly past me fast enough I can’t get the plates, and I wanna be able to have your info.”

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By assuming that the drivers of these supercars will “fly by” the police, this cop is questioning the DDE crew and their friends and taking information based only upon the cars that they are driving.

You can see the Instagram videos starting at 7:00 in this Life of Palos video:

No crimes committed

When asked why he didn’t photograph a Kia SUV, he simply says “my Chevy can catch the Kia” furthering the assumption that these supercar owners will drive recklessly.

The officer then says he’s “seen [the DDE] YouTube channel, so I figured I should get some information” working on the assumption the drivers would be performing stunts or driving recklessly.

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Having admitted that no crimes were committed and no calls were made, there was no further action. In a post on Dave’s Instagram account, it seems that they did run into more trouble later in the day, so expect to see a full ‘Cops vs DDE’ style video soon.

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