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Carwow drag race reveals which Tesla is best: Model 3, Model X, Model S

Published: 2/Mar/2020 11:18

by Jacob Hale


Popular UK car sales and comparison site carwow put Tesla’s three different models – the Model 3, Model X and Model S – to the test in a drag race, to finally find out which is the best once and for all.

Although each Tesla model features glaring similarities when it comes to design and features, obviously they’re all different to fulfill varying needs.

While the Model S is what really put Tesla on the map as an automaker back in 2012, since then the Model 3 has come out as a more affordable alternative so, as expected, might have a little less power behind it. The Model X is an SUV-style vehicle but doesn’t look much different from the Model S – at least, it doesn’t really look like an SUV.

YouTube: carwow
Conditions weren’t great for the Tesla drag race test, which might have affected results.

Each model comes in a Long-Range or a Performance edition, but for the sake of the test race, the Performance version of each car was used.

The Model S completed carwow’s quarter-mile race in 11.4 seconds, while the Model X took 11.5 seconds and the Model 3 did 11.8 seconds, so there really isn’t much disparity between each model when it comes to a quick, simple test of speed over a short range.

However, the rainy conditions slowed down the Model S and Model X slightly, whereas the Model 3 didn’t seem affected by the wet tarmac at all, making it slightly more desirable if you live somewhere where you might encounter rain somewhat regularly.

Finally, during a brake test, the Model 3 managed to come to a stop quite a lot quicker than the other two, which is to be expected considering it is the lightest of the three models.

However, the Model S and Model X were extremely close, too much so for carwow themselves to call a second place.

Host Mat Watson says that in his eyes the Model 3 is the winner, because it’s “not far off in terms of performance” but also considerably cheaper than the other models, clocking in at £52,990 ($67,735) as opposed to £97,890 ($125,130) for the Model X and £93,290 ($119,250)  for the Model S.

YouTube: carwow
The Model 3 is nearly half the price of its competitors.

It will be interesting to see how the Tesla Model Y fits in here, with the vehicle expected to enter production in mid-late 2020 in the US. The Model Y is expected to fill the gap between the Model 3 and the Model X as a compact SUV, so expect similar capabilities.

Of course, the Cybertruck likely won’t be powered for these kinds of tests since it’s not supposed to be a Performance-centric vehicle, but it would be interesting to see how it compares.


TikToker Tayler Holder unveils dazzling “dream car” Lamborghini Huracan

Published: 21/Nov/2020 19:39

by Charlotte Colombo


TikToker Tayler Holder is clearly enjoying the fruits of his labor, as he unveiled his brand new Lamborghini to fans and photographers during an outing to BOA Steakhouse.

As a former member of the Hype House, Holder has a huge and devoted fanbase. He boasts 5.6 million Instagram followers and 17 million on TikTok which includes snapshots into his life, relatable content as well as collaborations with the platform’s other stars, like Bryce Hall.

In a recent trip to BOA Steakhouse in LA, Holder caught up with reporters from The Hollywood Fix, where he excitedly told them that he “bought a new car today, so today is a good day”.

As the reporter speculated what kind of car Holder bought, he smoothly pointed out the white Lamborghini parked outside, which led to the reporter reacting with disbelief: “That’s not your car, Taylor!” before congratulating him.

Topic starts at 0:04

The vehicle is a Lamborghini Huracan, which boasts specifications like a 5.2 L V10 engine and a maximum speed of 201.3-201.9 mph. With the car’s retail price starting at over $240,000, it is clear that Holder is truly living the high life with his new purchase!

When asked about the purchase, the TikTok star said that it was a “long process”, admitting that the white Lambo was his “dream car”.

tayler lambo
YouTube: The Hollywood Fix
The sports car can reach a speed of over 200mph.

Indeed, a tweet from 2017 – which was posted before he achieved fame and fortune as an influencer – demonstrates that this statement is no exaggeration, as he posted several photos of a white Lamborghini while calling it his “dream car”.

Holder has been enjoying a lot of success in his life recently; not only is his social media presence stronger than ever, he also recently announced to fans that he was in a relationship with Charly Jordan, fellow TikToker and member of content house Clubhouse BH.

Since then, they’ve been making cute content together and have been appearing regularly on each other’s social media channels.

tayler charley
Instagram: Tayler Holder
Holder recently announced that he was in a relationship with Charley Jordan.

And now TikTok’s newest power couple gets to ride around in one of the nicest sports cars in the world.

Congratulations, Tayler!