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Archie Hamilton reveals the most popular cars for Premier League players

Published: 14/Sep/2020 13:19

by Kieran Bicknell


With many football players having cash to spare, it’s only natural that they want a set of wheels that showcases their elevated wealth and fame. But which supercars do footballers love the most? Archie Hamilton finds out in his September 11 video.

Of course, footballers can’t be seen in ‘stock’ supercars no matter how brash and outlandish they are, so custom finishes, body kits, and wheels are the norm in the outrageous world of high-level football.

As you may expect, kitted-out Range Rovers, Mercedes G-Wagens, and high-performance SUVs are popular for famous stars. Favored for their excellent visibility but relative stealth, black SUVs are a dime-a-dozen on English streets, so make a great ‘incognito’ car for stars’ daily drivers.


Archie Hamilton Audi R8
YouTube: Archie Hamilton Racing
Supercars are slowing falling out of favor with footballers, with ‘super SUVs’ taking their place.

Promotions mean paychecks

There are of course less inconspicuous SUVs, such as the Lamborghini Urus which has been very popular with high-level players and is “a great car” according to Rich, the owner of Premier Sports Solutions who features in Archie’s video.

It seems that when teams get promoted, more and more players want to upgrade their wheels too, as Rich explains: “When Leeds got promoted, we did within a couple of weeks… 7 or so [cars].” Promotions mean paychecks, and players are all too keen to cash in their new riches.

Supercars are still a part of most footballers’ garages, but they are becoming less common with SUVs and luxury marques such as Bentley and Rolls Royce taking precedence. While brash supercars were once a great sign of wealth, it seems they are being replaced by out-and-out opulence instead.


Satin Black everything

There is one particular theme that runs throughout the video. Whether these players are buying Audi R8s, Lamborghini Aventadors, or custom ‘Urban’ Range Rover SVRs, they all have one thing in common: Satin Black wraps.

Apparently footballers and celebrities can’t get enough of satin black cars. Whether it’s a status symbol or they simply love the look, many household names are buying up cars of various colors and paying for them to be wrapped in satin black before taking delivery of their new ride.

So in answer to the question of which cars footballers love the most, they love big, powerful SUVs, luxury family cars, and still have a soft spot for the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador S. They just all have to be satin black.