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5 crazy supercar fails that show money doesn’t buy talent

Published: 14/Sep/2020 15:29 Updated: 14/Sep/2020 15:35

by Kieran Bicknell


Having spent a vast amount of money on their pride-and-joy, supercar owners are often keen to show off their latest acquisition for all to see. Unfortunately, buying an expensive car doesn’t mean you’re instantly a better driver.

Showing off for crowds is always a hit-or-miss situation, but with powerful and expensive supercars, when it goes wrong – it really goes wrong.

From failed street racing to owners making a complete fool of themselves while trying to impress a crowd of cameras, here are five videos that prove a fat wallet doesn’t make you a skilled driver.

Street racing ends badly

One of the most famous supercar crashes in the UK actually came courtesy of YouTube star Shmee150. Back in his early ‘carspotting’ days, Shmee would film around London in areas such as Knightsbridge and Sloane Street in the hope of spotting a rare supercar or two.


On this day, he turned out to be lucky in more ways than one. Spotted while racing around the streets, this Lamborghini Aventador ended up in a spectacular crash, all caught on camera by Shmee.

Safe to say, the driver of this Aventador learned that London streets don’t make a great racetrack that day.

Always check for curbs

Sometimes the crashes aren’t anywhere near as dramatic as the driver’s reactions, and this video is a perfect example of that.

While showing off to a crowd of photographers and videographers, the driver of this Lamborghini Aventador on the Modball rally revs his car for the cameras while pulling out of a junction.


Unfortunately, he completely neglects to check for raised curbs while showing off and drives the six-figure supercar straight into a lane divider, destroying the front bumper. While the crash itself is entertaining, the driver’s reaction is on another level entirely.

Clip starts at 1:54

The license plate was indeed correct

With a license plate reading “2 fast 4u” it seems that the owner of this Jaguar F-Type was foreshadowing their own problems.

While we don’t get to see the moment of impact, this F-Type in Cape Town has somehow ended up wedged in a wall after appearing to have tried to play ‘leapfrog’ with a set of bollards.

It seems that this Jag was indeed “2 fast” for its driver. Fancy cars and no driving talent will always be a recipe for disaster.


Lambo owner can’t drive in a straight line

Clip starts at 0:18

Unfortunately, Lamborghini owners seem to feature all-too-often on these sorts of videos.

Whether that’s because they’re the supercar of choice for young, inexperienced drivers or Lambo drivers just love to show off is unclear, but the sheer amount of footage doesn’t lie – Lamborghini drivers love to show off.

It seems that the driver of this Lamborghini Gallardo thought they were a world-class drag racer as they flew off the line at a set of traffic lights.

Sadly it seems their real-world talent didn’t match up to the fantasy, as they very quickly careered off to the left, crossing several lanes of traffic before this short ‘race’ ended in disaster.


Porsche driver makes an unintended U-turn

Clip starts at 0:16

Porsche 911s are renowned for their handling prowess and fantastically balanced performance. Despite their reputation, this surprisingly doesn’t mean that any driver behind the wheel of a 911 is the next Michael Schumacher, as this unfortunate chap found out.

Trying to show off while joining a freeway, this driver quickly discovered that too much power and not enough talent are a dangerous combination, performing an unintended U-turn and smashing his prized Porsche into a safety barrier.