ZLaner’s Cold War AK-47 Warzone loadout brings back broken AMAX vibes

Warzone character running with AK47Activision

Warzone star Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane has got a new AK47 loadout that sparks memories of the AMAX when that was completely broken, but the secondary weapon isn’t to be scoffed at either. 

With Warzone constantly going through balancing changes and other tweaks, players are open to trying different weapons in the hopes of cracking a new meta.

For the longest time, the meta has revolved around the Krig, Kar98, and MAC-10, with weapons like the Swiss, Grau, Bullfrog, and FARA getting some love too.

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The Black Ops Cold War AK-47 has quietly cracked the WZRanked top 10 usage chart in recent weeks, shooting up in pick rate and K/D ratio. Its climb might not be over yet either, as ZLaner has a pretty nifty loadout for it.

Warzone loadout guideTreyarch/Activision
Warzone’s meta is constantly shifting with every update to the game.

Following the September 15 patch, which saw the AK receive a slight tweak to its Gun Kick, the YouTube star noted that the classic Russian rifle could become the new meta as it has similar vibes to the AMAX when that was at its peak.

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He is rocking a pretty standard set-up – using the Axial Arms 3x scope, GRU Suppressor, and 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel – as well as that 45-round magazine to really complete the AMAX comparison.

On top of that, when the AK isn’t enough, ZLaner is able to switch to the Bullfrog – which is one of Warzone’s best weapons in its own right. The two primary weapon loadout mean you’re covered at pretty much every range and your TTK is through the roof.

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ZLaner AK-47 & Bullfrog loadout class


  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 20″ Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Magazine: 45-round


  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 7.4 Task Force
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock

As the Warzone star shows, the loadout isn’t one to ignore – you can easily drop high kill games with it, especially if you use the weapons in tandem to clean up downed foes.

If it becomes too powerful, the devs might have to address it, but for now, it’s a fun change of pace to the meta.

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